April Fools’ – Writing Contest #69

Yes, we know it’s after April Fools’, but the Narnians are still talking about the ways they got pranked. What stories are they sharing this year?

Example: A Question of Inheritance by Eowyn of Narnia

Corin looked absolutely devastated. “You mean…I have to be king after all?” he said.
“Yes. Sorry, Corin. As it turns out…you’re older than me, after all.”
For the first time in probably his entire life, he looked completely speechless. Cor refrained from snickering and relished his expression before finally relenting. “April Fools.”

Corin’s cheeks went pink, but a slow smile spread on his face. “I ought to knock you down.”

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Honorable Mentions
Eustace vs. Reepicheep by AGB
Reepicheep sauntered down the stairs into the hold of the Dawn Treader, whistling to himself as he made his way to his bunk bed. Suddenly, he froze and sniffed the air. Something smelled…out of the ordinary. Something smelled foul. He drew his sword and began to search the deck. 

The smell began to grow stronger and stronger. Finally, he stopped at a closed door. Whatever was letting off such a foul stench was right behind the door. With a war cry, he threw the door open. 

Behind the door lay a piece of moldy, rotten cheese with a string tied around it. The string led behind a stack of barrels. Reepicheep ducked under the barrels and came face to face with a very startled Eustace Clarence Scrub with the other end of the string in his hand. 

Reepicheep rolled his eyes. “Honestly, Scrub, is that moldy lump of cheese supposed to appear enticing?” 

“April Fools…” Eustace groaned half-heartedly.

Foolish Romance by lilliandil
“Oh, um, Susan,” Lucy said nervously, as if she were dreading telling her sister the news.
“Caspian told me to tell you…”
“Yes?” Susan inquired, on the edge of her seat.
“…that he would really like to marry you.”
Susan’s jaw dropped. “No. Way! You’re joking, right?”
“You better believe it,” Lucy replied cheekily, a grin creeping across her face. “Happy April Fool’s!”
“Why, you…” Susan couldn’t finish because Lucy was already running for her life.
Puddleglum by AGB
Eustace’s eyes jerked open as he was rudely awakened from his deep sleep by someone shaking his shoulders. 

“Wake up! Wake up! It’s a beautiful day outside!” A familiar voice using a very unfamiliar tone said. 

“Puddleglum? Is that you?” Eustace rubbed his eyes and sat up. Puddleglum stood before him. 

“Let’s go outside and fish for eels!” Puddleglum suggested, smiling. “I’m sure we’ll catch hundreds of them! It’s a wonderful day for fishing!”

“Really?” Eustace asked, sitting up. 

“Nope.” Puddleglum’s face fell and sank back into its normal glum expression. “April Fools. The eels aren’t biting and its raining outside.” 

And the winner is…
Rip Van Winkle by Rose and Psyche
There had never been such a day at Cair Paravel. The sun was shining and the grass was green and the orange and palm trees swayed. Edmund stretched luxuriously as he clambered out of bed, wondering that his sisters and brothers had let him sleep in for once.
“And it’s not even my birthday,” he thought, as he pulled on his tunic. 
He strode out of his room with his hands deep in his pockets, whistling an old Narnian ballad, when the clouds went over the sun. Just as turned the corner, he spied an old, old faun hobbling towards him across the floor. Edmund stopped, struck with the realization that he knew the faun…deep in his memory a tiny voice spoke. “Mr Tumnus?” Edmund began hesitantly. “Mr Tumnus, are you unwell?”
Mr Tumnus looked up at him with watery eyes and swayed slightly. “Do my eyes betray me? Are you awake at last?”
“I should think so,” Edmund said shortly. “What’s wrong with you?”
“Fifty years ago…” the faun was speaking to himself, combing his wispy white beard. “Fifty years ago the prophesy was spoken and you fell into a deep sleep. We have watched over you ever since…”
“What?!” Edmund exclaimed. “Are you saying I’ve been asleep for fifty years?” He almost laughed, yet doubt crept slowly over him. “Where is Peter? Where are my sisters?”
“They are in the twilight of their years,” Mr Tumnus droned. “But now you are awake, all will be well…”
Edmund’s temper snapped and he seized the faun by his wispy white beard. But it was an old beard that didn’t take well to such handling and it came away in his hand. Edmund stared at it, then looked back at Mr Tumnus, his jaw sagging.
“Sorry, I couldn’t resist, sir,” Mr Tumnus said in his ordinary voice as he straightened to his ordinary height. “April Fools!”

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