School’s Out! – Writing Contest #70

No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks: the “hols” have begun! How do the Narnians react to their first moment of freedom?

Example: “Even Before the Maenads” by Ariel_of_Narnia

Gwendolen had already sprung out of her seat before Miss Prizzle actually rang the bell. So had half of the class, but she pushed her way through them all and snatched her lunch pail as she ran past. She never stopped going forward, not even when she kicked her shoes ahead of her and yanked her itchy stockings off. These she tucked under her arm before ripping off her tight hair bow and tie. On and on she ran till she finally stopped, panting, by the river. Gwendolen set her things down by a rock, pulled her frock over her head, and immersed herself in the waist-deep coolness. Jumping back up, she threw her head back, spread out her arms as though to embrace the summer sun, and laughed.

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Honourable Mentions
Puddleglum by Katye
Puddlegum sat gloomily at his desk as all the other 
young Narnian Children got up to play, they were laughing and dancing; Knowing that summer was finally here. He sighed getting up from his desk and walking out the door, Knowing he wouldnt have a nice summer like all the other children he was positive he would be struck by lightning on the way home, or attacked by a boar, or even worse he wouldnt catch any eels for his supper. Just his luck he supposed. he walked down the road, thinking it would bejust another day of mishaps.
Lucy by AGB
Lucy raced out of the school building, laughing to herself as she flew over the cobblestone street. The sun was shining brightly, sending light streaming down over Lucy’s hair, making it shine like gold. Faster and faster she ran, dashing out of the town and through the meadow. She ran past dancing daisies and dandelions and leaped over mossy rocks. She reached the forest and, without a moments hesitation, plunged into its depths, not stopping to think that she could get lost. It was too perfect a day to be lost. Lucy was certain that nothing bad could happen. She paused at the center of the forest and climbed a tree. Higher and higher she climbed. The ground grew further and further away as she pulled herself upwards. She passed an abandoned bird nest. She passed a woodpecker. She passed a squirrel nibbling on a nut. When she reached the top, she settled herself on a high branch, pulled a small book out of her pocket, and began to read.
Summer Plans by hobbit_of_narnia
The long train ride was a good time for thinking. Planning. Plotting. School was finally over and Eustace was headed home. The bullies of Experiment House were behind him now and he could start scheming up ways to be a bully himself. There was going to be good opportunity to, because his annoying Pevensie cousins with their crazy imaginations were going to be spending the summer at the Scrubb home, and of course it is very easy to bully someone when they’re your guests. And it wasn’t as if there would be anything else he’d be doing that summer!
Puddleglum by Hiking Peter
Puddleglum sighs as the school bell chimes the end of the school year. “Doesn’t matter, ” he mumbles, gathering his pencils and paper. “I’ll fail next year worse than this year.” Slowly, he drags himself glumly to the doors of the schoolhouse and peers out. “Raining. Of course it would be raining. Nothing nice ever happens on the last day of school.” He shrugs his slumped shoulders and trudges out into the downpour. “Well, my house is probably flooded out by now, and then the snows will come, and I’ll have nowhere to live. Then I’ll die from freezing and not have anything to eat in the meantime….”
… and the winner is!
Peter by AGB
Peter Pevensie, eighteen yeas old, was immersed in his school work, writing as quickly as he possibly could. He could hardly believe that this was the last day of high school. What would come next? Would he continue onto college and complete his education? Would he apply for a job at a nearby restaurant? The possibilities were endless. 

As excited as he was about ending the school year, however, he was also sad. School had been a refuge for him, helping him to keep his mind busy. When he wasn’t doing school, he was thinking about Narnia. He missed the grown-up feeling that had filled him when he was crowned king of Narnia. He missed the strength that had flowed through his veins as he took his sword in his hand to battle Narnia’s enemies. Most of all, he missed Aslan. He missed the kindly, powerful look in the majestic lion’s eyes. He missed the aura of strength that surrounded Him. Once- just once -Peter had allowed himself to feel like Aslan was a second father to him. Peter’s father had been killed in the war a few years ago. Peter had never gotten over his grief. But now, Peter was not a child anymore. He could never return to Narnia again. 

“In your world, I have another name.” Aslan had said. Peter wondered what He had meant. 

Then the bell rang. 

Peter rose from his desk and was carried out of the classroom and down the hall by the flow of excited students. When the current of boys and girls deposited him outside the school, he wasn’t sure where to go. Then he glanced up. 

Across the street from Peter’s school stood a little church with a tall steeple. Somehow, Peter felt a strange pull towards that church, like a magnet was tugging him, urging him to go. It wasn’t Sunday, so the church was nearly deserted, but Peter hoped that there would be someone there to help him find what he was looking for. Maybe they could tell him how to fill the empty hole in his heart that had materialized there the day his father had died. 

Shouldering his book bag, he walked across the street towards the church.


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