Caption Contest 25 – Bedlam and Barnacles, Literally

Winning Entries:

I’ve  heard of scrubbing floors with toothbrushes at boot camp, but this is ridiculous! ~ Violamom

Skandar: Adamson, do you /really/ expect me to sign autographs while carrying /this/ sword? It would disappoint the fangirls so much (not that it would matter to me…) ~ Berry

Really, Father Christmas? Peter’s sword was shiny! ~ Jaygee

Peter’s never gonna believe me if I try to explain that sticking Rhindon in an acid bath was an accident…exile sound awesome right about now. ~ Kristi

Edmund decides not to voice his suspicion that Caspian had forgotten about his birthday until five minutes ago. ~ Ariel_of_Narnia

Edmund looked at the sword and once more thought about the bad decisions he had made over a thousand years ago. He never should have talked to strangers or accepted candy from them. He promised himself that he would never do that again. ~ Tom Duffy

Sure, Caspian gets all the awesome stuff and when some crazy guy gives him a dirty old sword he pawns it off on me like he’s doing me a favor. Thanks Caspian. Really. Thanks. ~ Calypso


Edmund: It’s a…stick. 

Lord (not shown): No, It’s a…

Edmund: Wait! I’ve got it! It’s a baseball bat. 

Lord: No! It’s really a…

Edmund: Hang on! I know! It’s a giant pen!

Lord: Absolutely not! 

Edmund: A giant pencil? 

Lord: *facepalm*



I wonder why you didn’t want this sword, Caspian. ~ Quill Jill

Edmund is given inspection duty over Govern Gumpas’ guards and finds them sorely lacking in cleanup duties. ~ Sir-William

Edmund: “Ugh! Do I have to touch this barnacle encrusted thing?”
Caspian: “Yes, it is our key to success!” ~ shyena1177


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