Caption Contest 26 – Maybe It’s Maybelline?

Winning Entries:

Lucy: *looking into a mirror* As I feared! Static electricity again!
~ Tenethia

This year, the Caspian Needs a Haircut Foundation partners with L’oreal to bring you the Cordial Fusion products! This fireflower compound works on your hair to give it a healthy glow and silky look and feel. Unlike any other formula, the Cordial Fusion is guaranteed to heal split-ends, keep your scalp clear, and boost your follicles’ ability to produce stronger, more beautiful hair! Buy it today and revolutionize your hair and your world!
~ Ariel_of_Narnia

Lucy decides to pursue a career as a model, modeling Narnian hair products.

“SUSAN!!!!!! WE MISSED THE SALE AT SEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O:O:O:O”
~ Geek4Narnia

Lucy makes the mistake of touching a Van De Graaf generator.
~ Sir-Will & Ed

Here Lucy is shown performing her weekly exercises. With some more practice she hopes to be able to strength her hair muscles to the point of being able to lift her hair to a 90 degree angle.
~ Sir-William

Lucy: I use Loréal, because I am worth it.
~ Katye


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