Caption Contest 27 – As Far As the Eye Can See

Winning Entries:

Lucy smokes Susan at the carnival dart-throwing game.
~ Albero

Lucy – Now watch this one, I will put it right between Reepicheep’s ears.
Susan – I don’t think that is such a good idea.
~ Tom Duffy

Lucy tries her hand with the Sonic Screwdriver.
~ Ariel_of_Narnia

Susan- Quick Lucy!!!!!!!!! Here comes Caspian… look natural… we are just aiming for the ‘target’. Come on caspian… a little bit closer, FIRE!!!!!!!!!
~ Geek4Narnia

Susan: Uhh….Lucy ? Are you sure about this?
Lucy: Yes! Aslan’s camp is the perfect place to show off my interpretive dancing skills! ~AGB

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