Caption Contest 28 – Fabulous Peter Is Fabulous

Winning Entries:

Adamson: Good, William, now freeze! Ho-o-o-old…keep that position…good…good…hoo-o-o-o-o-o-old…
~ hobbit_of_narnia
Peter: *singing* Now I gotta cut loose! Footloose!
Kick off your Sunday–
Random evil soldier: Ahhh!!! My ears!!! Someone kill me before I must endure more of this singing!!!
~ Albero

Whose idea was it to have a log rolling contest?
~ Tom Duffy

That’s MY macaroni and cheese!!
~ Mrs. Beaver

“woah horsey!” says King Peter.
The horse bucks him high into the air.
On the sidelines King Edmund whispers to Mr. Tumnus, ” What a strange custom these Calormens have.”
Tumnus replies, “well, what happenes in Calormen country, stays in Calormen country.”
~ TarinaRitari

Peter, being under so much stress, tries his best Elsa impersonation. “Let it go, let it go! Can’t hold it back *grunt* anyMORE!”
~ Cheeseacheep


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