Caption Contest 29 – Christmas in July

Winning Entries:

Hello, Father Christmas here. I have come to remind you that Winter is coming. Cheers!          ~ aslie

“Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Gandalf.”
Pevensie children: *blank stares*    ~ Mrs. Beaver

Mrs. Beaver: “Oh thank you for the sewing machine, Father Christmas!! Are you sure you don’t want me to mend the holes in your sleeves?”
Father Christmas: “Ah, no thank you! They are meant to be that way….unlike Caspian’s hair (ahem).    ~ Cheeseacheep

Father Christmas: You mean to tell me that I went all this way and it wasn’t even the North Pole I’ve gone to, but some place called “Narnia?” Rudolph might kill me for this… it’s supposed to be his day off…    ~ Albero

Father Christmas: “*sigh* Does anybody set out anything besides milk and cookies?”              ~ Ariel_of_Narnia

Father Christmas: Father Christmas? Me? I’m not Father Christmas, children. I’m simply an old grandfather who seriously needs a shave and a haircut out for a morning drive with my magical reindeer and sleigh with an enormous bag of toys and dangerous weapons! 
Pevensie children: *stunned silence *
Father Christmas: Of COURSE I’m Father Christmas!     ~ AGB

*Man steps out of sleigh in a huff* “The things we FedEx people have to go to to deliver packages!” He shakes his head. “I had to travel all the way to this old professor’s house and then squeeze through a wardrobe to get here! Then was that the end? Oh, no, then I had to pay an hourly fee for this good-for-nothing sleigh, navigate with some of the most rudimentary maps around, and then only to find that the recipients of this package were fugitives. Running away from me about as fast as I was trying to catch up with them! And boy is it cold out here! I wish that this winter would just suddenly turn to spring… that would ever happen.”   ~ Sir-William

Sorry, folks. I’m fresh out of tools. But if you’re looking for toys…    ~ Alier

Lucy: Look! It’s Father Christmas! Father Christmas: *approaches and hands out life preservers* “The time to use these may be near at hand.”    ~ Sir-Edward


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