Rain, Rain, Go Away – Writing Contest #71

“Of course it would be raining.” ~ Edmund, Focus on the Family’s radio dramatization of LWW

What to do, what to do? It’s raining cats and dogs and the Narnians need to occupy themselves somehow! What kind of fun will they find on a day like this?

Example: Drinking Games by Ariel_of_Narnia

Tamesis watched in great anticipation as the thunderheads rolled overhead. She brought her gaze back down and locked eyes with her brother Achelous. Achelous smirked, his body tense, but his eyes merry. “Won’t be long now, little sister.”
She gritted her teeth behind her smile. She would not lose focus. Not this time. Lightning split the sky and thunder shook thee air. Still she maintained her steely gaze.
“Any moment now,” her friend Rhea murmured from the sidelines, her eyes fixed on the heavens.
Tamesis tensed further than she thought possible, waiting – just waiting! – for Rhea’s signal.
Lightning struck again. “Now!” Rhea shouted.
The two naiads leapt up in unison to meet the first of the raindrops, thus beginning their jovial race to drink up the most of what the thunderstorm had to offer.


Honorable Mention:

“Trufflehunter” by AGB
Trufflehunter sat on a rough wooden stool next to a roaring fire inside his badger hole. The weather’s mood outside his home matched his own: cold and dreary. The raindrops pelting the roof combined with the crackling of the fire blended together, creating a melancholy tune. He sighed and took a long sip out of a steaming mug filled with tea.
Oh, for the days when Narnia was not under Telmarine rule. Oh, for the days of High King Peter the Magnificent, King Edmund the Just, Queen Susan the Gentle and Queen Lucy the Valiant. Oh, for the days when the Old Narnians, such as himself, did not have to hide in the woods for fear of being discovered by a Telmarine. But, alas, those days were gone. King Caspian the Ninth was dead. All of the Seven Lords had either disappeared or were dead.
Trufflehunter was tired. Tired of having to live in fear. Tired of hiding. Tired of waiting. Tired of watching. Watching for something to happen, for someone to take a stand against the cruel Telmarines. He would, if he could, but he knew the Telmarines would shoot him down at first sight. Narnia needed a human. A human that was brave enough to face the Telmarines and take a stand for Old Narnia.
Maybe, just maybe, if this were to happen, things could be like Old Times again. No worries. No fear. no hiding.
And maybe Aslan, the Great Lion, would come back.
Trufflehunter shook his head. That could never happen. Old Narnia was destroyed. Aslan had disappeared, probably never to be seen again. Most Narnians had either died or gone into hiding. He had to face it: it was over. He would have to live the rest of his life in this cave, sipping his tea, dreaming of the Old Times. It was a terribly dull life.
Then Nickabrick burst through the door.
“Trufflehunter,” He said urgently, water dripping down his beard and onto the floor. “You’d better come quickly. There’s an unconscious human outside…and it looks like a Telmarine boy.”
Trufflehunter leaped to his feet, nearly dropping his mug in the process. He set it down and followed Nickabrick out the door.
Maybe this day wouldn’t turn out to be so dull after all.


And the winner is…

“Challenges with a Cheerful Spirit” by Aravis
“Can’t we just wait the storm out?” pleaded young Caspian, dreading today’s sword drill which he underwent frequently with his voluntary sword trainer. He learned fighting tricks and tips with his new Narnian friend almost every day, now that he abandoned his Telemarian home. His uncle had taught him how to handle a sword, but the young prince was never an expert…until now! Joining the Narnians, Caspian was to take up lessons again from one of the greatest warriors among the Narnians.
“Nonsense! It’s high time you practice the sword in the rain. Fighting in a storm is quite different from dry weather; and you shall see how today!” replied the adventurous creature.
Caspian shivered at the sight of the intimidating rainfall outside the tent he took comfort in. His Narnian trainer laughed at Caspian’s face. “Come now, lad. We must not look at this rain as a burden, but a challenge! Think like me: every challenge must be taken up with a hearty spirit. It’ll be fun, my prince! When I was a young animal, I used to practice my fighting in the rain as much as I could. Now that I’m so used to rain, fighting without it seems easy!”
Caspian smiled at the thought of sword fighting made easy. “We’ll then, I hope you give me a good challenge out there. I shall do my best, sir!” The prince’s trainer gripped his small but sharp and noble sword. “That I can promise, my prince! Now let us have our lesson, shall we?” They both stepped out into the rain.
It was so cold and muggy to Caspian, who felt it hard to avoid thinking negative thoughts about training in a storm. But to Reepicheep, the rain was a marvelous challenge to behold.


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