Caption Contest 31 – First Day of Classes in Narnia

Winning Entries:

Andrew Adamson: Now everyone, look at the–
Anna: The seagull on the beach?
Skandar: The ruins on the cliff?
William: At me?
Georgie: The tennis ball on the pole that Rupert Grobben is waving around?
Andrew: …Yes, Georgie.    ~  hobbit_of_narnia

Oh well, at least we don’t have to deal with our maths this time.  ~ Lily Lake

Lucy: “Look! It’s Narnian”
Susan: “Stop it, Lucy. You’re imagining things.”
Peter: “Let’s put it to a vote.”
*off screen* Trumpkin: “I say we go back into the train station. This can’t be Narnia.”
Peter: “I’m sorry, Lue, but I agree with Trumpkin.”
Susan: “Yes, me too.”
Edmund: “I think Lucy’s right; this is Narnia.”
Peter: “Well that’s three to two, so I guess we go back into the train station.”
*Suddenly Aslan appears in front of them*
Peter: “On second thought….”   ~ Sir-William

Lucy: My, my! It IS a small school!
Edmund: I think we’ve been enrolled in the dwarves’ school…  ~ Lilliandil

Susan: “Guys, I don’t remember how kids act on their first day of school!”

Lucy: “Smile and wave, act natural…AW look! A rat came out of the sewer!!”

Edmund: “It’s been so long, Narnians just went to school singing! Look at the kids here…they look like they just woke up.”   ~ Aravis

Susan: Now wait a minute. I am getting a feeling of deja vu. We were standing like this before. In a another time, another place….I remember now, the Throne Room on the day that Aslan crowned us. We stood just like this.  ~ Tom Duffy


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  1. Sir-William

    LOL. I love that part in your’s, Hobbit, where Andrew is like, “Look at the-” And peter says, ” At me?” That’s so funny, lol.

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