Caption Contest 32 – Name Those Characters!

Winning Entries:

Dude in background: “AAAAAAHHH! A mouse!”  ~ Alier

Slave trader (Not Shown): Sir, I simply LOVE your…parrot. 
Reep: His WHAT?!?! 
Drinian: How DARE YOU CALL HIM A PA-Unnnhh…  !  ~ AGB

I am here to chew bubble gum and kick butt. And I am all out of bubble gum.  ~ Tom Duffy

Drinian always a takes a stuffed replica of Reepicheep with him whenever he goes to the market place so that everyone will stay out of his way.  ~ Sir-William

Sailor on the right: “oh my goodness, stand still Drinian THERE’S A MOUSE ON YOUR SHOULDER!!!!” *swings a baseball bat*  ~ Aravis

Guy on the left: Is that a….rat???
Guy on the right: A- a- AAAH….
Drinian: If you sneeze on me I will….
Reepicheep: Eustace(the dragon)!!! Where are you when I need you!!  ~ Mrs. Beaver

Dude on the right: Captain Drinian! We have a problem, sir! THE TOILET IS OVERFLOWING!!!!
Drinian: Watch my back, boys….I’m going in!  ~  Cheeseacheep

Reepicheep: What do you mean, “who are you”? I’m your shoulder angel, of course!                      ~ hobbit_of_narnia

Rynelf (in background) : AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Drinian! There’s a mouse on your back!!!  ~ Little Brother

Drinian: I hate babysitting… ~ Bulgy Bear

Drinian: “Are… are you my conscience?” Reep: “Yeah, yeah, I’m your conscience. We haven’t spoken for a while. How are you?” Drinian: “Hmm, can’t complain.” Reep: “Yeah? Good. Now, Drinian, I want you to tell me… are you going to hit this guy or that guy (I personally suggest you go for that one while I go for this one)?”  ~  Ariel_of_Narnia

Drinian looks at the scene around him. He ponders for a moment, and then gives a subtle nod of his head. “You know, Reepicheep, I think this latest caption contest shows great promise, don’t you?” “Indeed,” replies Reechicheep. “The variation of expressions, people, and objects in this scene is most bountiful.” Drinian nods but then adds, “But we cannot allow the audience to have even a hint that we know of this contest lest it be ruined.” “Indeed not, sir, ” agrees the mouse, and the two of them strike a serious pose just as the camera snaps a picture.


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3 thoughts on “Caption Contest 32 – Name Those Characters!

  1. hobbit_of_narniahobbit_of_narnia

    Nobody mentioned the auctioneer in the red cap in the background…he must feel left out. 🙁

  2. Sir-William

    lol, loved yours, Hobbit. Yours too, Ariel. 😀 Got a good laugh out of yours, Cheeseacheep. Lol

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