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Bigger is Better: Weta Cave Expands!

By Always Narnian

Have you ever wanted the chance to get an up-close look at The Lord of the Rings or Narnia props? This opportunity can be found at New Zealand’s Weta Cave in Wellington, which also houses special props from other films such as The Adventures of Tintin, Avatar, and King Kong. The Weta Cave was established in June of 2008. The Weta Cave is full of excitement for movie-going fans, as they get the opportunity to see full-scale statues, prosthetics, armour, weapons and even the Weta team at work! The Weta Cave has recently made an announcement that they are expanding the cave to allow for larger tour groups to come through. The Weta Cave can currently hold 20 people, whereas their new layout will have room for up to 55 people. The establishment is visited by about 70,000 people yearly.

To read the announcement, check out the original article here: The Wall Street Journal (The Wall Street Journal is in no way affiliated with The Lion’s Call. Caution is advised in following outgoing links)

Additional Source: The Hollywood Reporter
(The Hollywood Reporter is in no way affiliated with The Lion’s Call)

Call for additional TLC reporters

As most of you are aware, we launched our very own TLC news team in February of this year. This is a second call for applicants to join our team of reporters. Our main focus is to cover and present important news relating to Narnia, C.S. Lewis and other associated matters, but there is also opportunity to research and write opinion pieces and editorials on interesting matters concerning the world of Narnia and Lewis.

Applications may be submitted for full and part time positions (but we are especially looking for additional full-timers). Hour-long meetings are currently held via Google Hangouts (which requires a Google+ account) every 2-3 weeks on a Friday at 11.00 am Pacific. The time can be moved or renegotiated if necessary. Full-timers are expected to attend meetings with pitches (ideas for new articles) as regularly as possible and produce two articles a month. Part-timers have more flexibility though we do encourage them to attend meetings when possible to share in and contribute new ideas. They are expected to write at least one article every three months though more are welcomed.

While no monetary remuneration will be associated with the positions, there are potential perks. You will gain experience coming up with news ideas, writing and working as part of a team. Reporters may have the opportunity to attend events in their local area and to interview actors and other celebrities, whether in person or online. As an official reporter of The Lion’s Call, you may have opportunities to get tickets and attend events as a member of the press rather than just a member of the public, which sometimes results in better or different access, though with the requirement of writing one or more articles. You may also be able to include your experience as a reporter on your resume/CV.

If you are interested in joining our team, please PM Ajnos and specify whether you are interested in a part or full time position. Applications close 31 October 2014. For more information or clarification you can also PM Ajnos or one of our current reporters (Tenethia, Always Narnian or Eriathwen) who can share with you their experiences of being a reporter.

E-Inklings Writer’s Group Resurrected!

E-Inklings is being resurrected after several months of inactivity! In celebration of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month for the non-initiated), we are going to be having our first Fall Writer’s Group on November 1st. E-Inklings is a place where you can share your scribblings of poetry and prose, and where we can work together to improve our writing. Non-Writers are welcome to join us.

We currently have E-Inklings on Saturdays, weekly at noon Pacific time, but as mid-day Saturday seems to be inconvenient for most people, we are considering a change. Is there a time on Saturdays that might be better for you? PM me or post down in the comments!

Caption Contest 34 – Did You Say 50% Off Jimmy Choos?!?!

Winning Entries:

Did you just say my hair looked bad?
~ Queen Amelia the Brave

This is the White Witch just before she is hit by a freight train.
~ Sir-William

(Peter is about to die by the witch’s sword when…)
Peter: *sniff sniff* is something burning?
Jadis: *gasp* MY SPINACH PUFFS!!
~ Aravis

Ohhhhh…. wow this is .. um.. awkward.. I killed a king, and am wearing his mane and a lion hat mocking him.. .. and then he shows up!?!??!?!
~ Geek4Narnia

Jadis: Oh, no, you did-n’t!
Aslan: Oh, yes, I di-id!
~ Albero

Is that another one. Jeez, how may Mary Sue’s can Peter have chasing after him?
~ Tom Duffy

What?!?!?! You say you RUINED my statue collection?!?!
~ Hiking Peter

Andrew: “Whoa, Tilda, be careful!!” Tilda: “What? there was a bee beside his head!”
~ Ariel_of_Narnia

Hey! That’s MY chocolate! Everyone…OUT OF THE WAAAAAYYYY!
~ Lilliandil

Jadis was wondering why the baseball was getting bigger and bigger all the time when suddenly, it hit her!
~ hobbit_of_narnia

Blast! He’s wearing a Kevlar vest!
~ Sir-Edward

“Did you say One Direction is preforming HERE?!?!”

Nononono, no! Tell me I did NOT just break a nail!!!!!
~ Mrs. Beaver

Person offscreen: “WAIT, WAIT!!! Don’t cut the wedding cake! The bride hasn’t arrived yet!!”
White Witch: “Susan hasn’t arrived yet?!!? …Caspian is going to kill me…”
~ Cheeseacheep

Wow I’m out of shape I really need to get back to the treadmill.
~ Smaug

~ Luthien



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Annual C.S. Lewis Festival, Michigan

By Ajnos Gamgee

The Northern Michigan C.S. Lewis festival held annually in the Petoskey area is fast approaching. Events begin next weekend starting on Thursday 23 October 2014. The main events of this year’s festival include an advanced screening of a new documentary A Quest For Meaning: Myth, Imagination & Faith in the Lives and Literature of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien on Friday 24 October (which will later be broadcast on PBS stations) followed by a discussion with two of the film-makers and one of the actors, and a Saturday Seminar on 25 October with a series of talks by various experts and scholars. Other highlights include theatrical performances of Narnia: The Musical, a screening of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader with an introduction by Walden Media V.P. and producer Randy Testa, a Narnia book and art club, book discussions and a C.S. Lewis writer’s workshop. The festival runs through into next month ending on 24 November. Booking and admission fees are required for some but not all events. For more information visit the C.S. Lewis festival website. Specific details and events with times, venues and admission requirements are listed here.

Original source: Petoskey News