C.S. Lewis-Inspired Square to be Built in Belfast!

By Always Narnian

The people of Belfast are honoring author C.S. Lewis, whose birthplace resides in this area of Northern Ireland. Renovations taking place in Belfast at Holywood Arches include a C.S. Lewis-inspired civic square, which will contain £300,000 of art that will focus on Narnia. The square will also include an entertainment area outside and even a café. This C.S. Lewis civic square is part of a larger plan called the Connswater Community Greenway project, which has already completed what they call its Phase 1. The Connswater Community Greenway project, starting on Phase 2, plans on adding more pathways for walkers and cyclists, as well as doing additional work on the flooding difficulties they have in the area. This phase also includes the new C.S. Lewis civic square, which will hopefully draw in more people. The new project is set to finish in 2016. Perhaps this exciting venture will interest the people of Belfast to learn more about the author who was born there and his fantasy series of Narnia.

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