Caption Contest 34 – Did You Say 50% Off Jimmy Choos?!?!

Winning Entries:

Did you just say my hair looked bad?
~ Queen Amelia the Brave

This is the White Witch just before she is hit by a freight train.
~ Sir-William

(Peter is about to die by the witch’s sword when…)
Peter: *sniff sniff* is something burning?
Jadis: *gasp* MY SPINACH PUFFS!!
~ Aravis

Ohhhhh…. wow this is .. um.. awkward.. I killed a king, and am wearing his mane and a lion hat mocking him.. .. and then he shows up!?!??!?!
~ Geek4Narnia

Jadis: Oh, no, you did-n’t!
Aslan: Oh, yes, I di-id!
~ Albero

Is that another one. Jeez, how may Mary Sue’s can Peter have chasing after him?
~ Tom Duffy

What?!?!?! You say you RUINED my statue collection?!?!
~ Hiking Peter

Andrew: “Whoa, Tilda, be careful!!” Tilda: “What? there was a bee beside his head!”
~ Ariel_of_Narnia

Hey! That’s MY chocolate! Everyone…OUT OF THE WAAAAAYYYY!
~ Lilliandil

Jadis was wondering why the baseball was getting bigger and bigger all the time when suddenly, it hit her!
~ hobbit_of_narnia

Blast! He’s wearing a Kevlar vest!
~ Sir-Edward

“Did you say One Direction is preforming HERE?!?!”

Nononono, no! Tell me I did NOT just break a nail!!!!!
~ Mrs. Beaver

Person offscreen: “WAIT, WAIT!!! Don’t cut the wedding cake! The bride hasn’t arrived yet!!”
White Witch: “Susan hasn’t arrived yet?!!? …Caspian is going to kill me…”
~ Cheeseacheep

Wow I’m out of shape I really need to get back to the treadmill.
~ Smaug

~ Luthien



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7 thoughts on “Caption Contest 34 – Did You Say 50% Off Jimmy Choos?!?!

  1. albero

    Why is there a new caption contest if this one doesn’t have the winners posted yet? 😐 just wondering 😉

  2. Beautiful DreamerBeautiful Dreamer Post author

    Sorry guys! I changed the contest the day before a final and forgot that I hadn’t uploaded the new winners ): And this is the first day I’m back – but I’m back on schedule now, shouldn’t be any more oversights!

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