Bigger is Better: Weta Cave Expands!

By Always Narnian

Have you ever wanted the chance to get an up-close look at The Lord of the Rings or Narnia props? This opportunity can be found at New Zealand’s Weta Cave in Wellington, which also houses special props from other films such as The Adventures of Tintin, Avatar, and King Kong. The Weta Cave was established in June of 2008. The Weta Cave is full of excitement for movie-going fans, as they get the opportunity to see full-scale statues, prosthetics, armour, weapons and even the Weta team at work! The Weta Cave has recently made an announcement that they are expanding the cave to allow for larger tour groups to come through. The Weta Cave can currently hold 20 people, whereas their new layout will have room for up to 55 people. The establishment is visited by about 70,000 people yearly.

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Additional Source: The Hollywood Reporter
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