Four-minute video showing places associated with C.S. Lewis’ Childhood

By Ajnos

A new company promoting cultural tourism in Northern Ireland, where CS Lewis was born, was launched this week. The company known as Heritage Experience, commissioned a four minute film entitled C.S. Lewis and the Island of his Birth which was shown for the first time at the company launch. It is presented by Sandy Smith, one of the directors of the company and the author of a book by the same title, which was published last year. The video shows captivating images of Lewis’ Childhood home “Little Lea”, Campbell College (a school he attended for a short time) and sweeping shots of the beautiful County Down, the rugged north coast shoreline and Dunlace Castle (which is thought to have been an inspiration for Cair Paravel).

You can view the short video here via the Macmillan Media YouTube page.

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Original source article: Castle link with CS Lewis film  from the Ballymoney and Moyle Times.

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