Caption Contest 35 – Edmund’s Enthusiatic Christmas Countdown ! ! !

Winning Entries:

That moment when you wake up in some random place you’ve never seen before and realize that you’ve been sleep-walking…again. ~ Alexandanor

Ed stares as the White Witch approaches… singing? “In my hundreth year as queen, my Ginnarbrik gave to me FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!!! Four empty thrones, three more statues, two mindless wolves, and no Aslan to get in my way!” ~ Ariel_of_Narnia

In other news, Edmund Pevensie took part in this year’s annual fundraiser to raise awareness of the White Witch’s merciless plunder of Turkish Delight. The picture above shows Edmund’s horror when he found out that his Turkish Delight had been stolen from the Cair Paravel treasury.

“She must be stopped!” the young king declared, amidst his grief. However, his siblings are saying that he is just being ridiculous and unreasonable, and that he shoal stop making up things about “….sweet thievery committed by a dead woman and accept the fact that he shouldn’t have eaten it all at once.” ~ Lilliandil

Edmund: “On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me—Wait, what? Why is there a sleigh racing straight towards me? ” ~ Hiking Peter

Edmund: *walking through Narnia* “Wow, Lucy was telling the truth…I wonder if there really is a football field in the bathroom cupboards!” ~ Aravis

Andrew had told Skandar that they were only going to be filming the Turkish Delight scene for two days. So imagine Skandar’s dismay when he shows up on set on day three and sees that fateful box of candy again awaiting him in the sledge! ~ hobbit_of_narnia

I think that fox was lying to me. There isn’t any bathroom in this direction. ~ Tom Duffy


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