Caption Contest 37 – Alternate Universe in Which Jadis Loves Hugs


Winning Entries:
In which, when a willing victim dies in a traitor’s stead, evil itself begins to work backwards…
~ theGreatK


Behind Jadis, Susan, and Lucy, Edmund and Peter are dressed as fauns for some unknown reason.
~ Geek4Narnia


*all talking between smiles and teeth*
‘HONESTLY if we have to take ONE FOR PICTURE I’m going to turn you all into statues!!!!’ -Jadis
‘No.. Andrew, first I’ll shoot you with my bow!!’ -Susan “and I’ll… Susan what can I do??’-Lucy ‘Puppy eye him to death!!’ -Susan ‘YA I’ll puppy eye you to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’-Lucy
~ Geek4Narnia


Come here girls! Our outfits today are amazing, let’s take a selfie! #prebattleselfie #OOTD
~ Lilly Lake


And now let us take a moment to honor Photoshop, that most worthy tool which can make even the worst enemies appear as friends!
~ hobbit_of_narnia


Aw, you two are so cute I could just eat you up! ~Jadis
~ Berry


We have all heard that excuse…”It wasn’t me! It was my evil twin!” Of course, we dismissed it as what it was: an excuse. But now…..? We question our decision, because pictures often speak louder than words….
~ Hiking Peter


In an interesting turn of events, it turns out Jadis didn’t really want to kill the Pevensies! All she really wanted was a great big hug!
~ Tenethia


The White Witch (holding a dagger to Susan’s back): Now, smile, or it will be the end for you!
Lucy (through clenched teeth that are forced into a smile): Smiling, Your Highness.
Susan (doing the same as Lucy): M-me too…
The White Witch: Perfect! Maugrim, snap the picture!
A day later, the White Witch’s Christmas card is released to her allies: MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE WHITE WITCH- A WITCH SO BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING THAT EVEN HER ENEMIES LOVE HER!


Jadis: Come on girls! Time for our paparazzi shot! Oh, yes, by the way, as soon as they go away… I’ll turn you into stone. No, big deal! What a fun girls day out, right?!
~ Mrs. Beaver


Ok, I know this is a caption contest….but can we PLEASE talk about how pretty Susan is in this picture?!?!?!?
(all 3 are stunning actually, but man, Susan! Lol, this’ll be hilarious if this gets posted 😉
~ Aravis


With Turkish delight, anything is possible.
~ Sir-William


AWKWARD NARNIA PHOTOSHOOT #5: What with Jadis wearing Aslan’s mane and all that, Susan and Lucy didn’t find out until afterwards that they were posing with the White Witch instead of with Aslan.
~ hobbit_of_narnia


Jadis: So it is settled, Ladies. We will take over Narnia together and establish a Matriarchal Society together. No more Aslan, no more Peter and especially, no more Edmund.
~ Tom Duffy


This will only make sense if you know about Georgie’s potty-mouth bucket behind the scenes 🙂
Photographer: okay, ready? One…two……..Tilda, get your hand outta Georgie’s cape pocket, that’s not where she keeps her potty-mouth bucket money.
Tilda: just checking…
~ Aravis


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