TLC Staff Consulted on the Writing of The Silver Chair

April Fools 2015 (This story was created for April Fools Day and is not true)

keep-calm-and-put-a-bold-face-on-itBy Tenethia South

The staff of TLC have been invited to join a special team of writers who will be working alongside David Magee, assisting in the writing process of the script of The Silver Chair! Joined by our staff will be the staff of some other popular Narnia websites: NarniaWeb, NarniaFans, and NarniaMUCK. The team will be advising Magee on the characters and plot points. The hope is that with the help of the dedicated staff of these Narnia websites, The Silver Chair‘s script will remain close to the book we love, and do it justive. How do you expect this will affect this film?

For more information regarding the announcement, read here.

3 thoughts on “TLC Staff Consulted on the Writing of The Silver Chair

  1. hobbit_of_narnia

    Hurrah, TLC staff!!!!!!!!!! I started writing a script of my own when I found out they’d only done up to VODT, but I didn’t get very far into it.

  2. Ajnos GamgeeAjnos Gamgee

    I think my first piece of advice would be that they have a look at the BBC script. Then they can fix the minor issues with that (e.g. Rilian’s mask, the casting of the LotGK and the skimping on Experiment House). For the rest, they can keep it as it is. Oh and get Peter Capaldi to play Puddleglum!

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