Weird Narnia Stuff You Can Buy NOW

So if you think the only Narnian items you’ll ever be able to buy are kids costumes, plastic swords, and lots and lots of books, you’d be wrong.  The truth is there are actual auctions for unusual pieces of Narnia for sale right now.

For instance, you can purchase Half of Maugrim.

Or Nikibrik’s Hair.

Like something a little more tasteful?  Try these Fake Oranges from the Dawn Treader.

For those who like smaller items, there’s the Aslan and Lucy playset with the “Stone Tablet Playset Piece” (That’s not a typo.  Maybe they were thinking of the Ten Commandments?).

Other items that have popped up on eBay recently?  (You may have to log in to eBay to view these.) A bust of a screaming James McAvoy and a large Golden Statue of Lord Restimar.  Oh, and don’t forget the Used Pevensie Socks, which sold.

2 thoughts on “Weird Narnia Stuff You Can Buy NOW

  1. Coromircor

    WARNING! I own the Lucy and Aslan thing and Lucy lost a leg on the first day 😛 Yeeeeah not the best action figures. Also Aslan lost a couple legs too.

  2. Albero

    …used….Pevensie…SOCKS??? WHO BUYS THESE THINGS???

    Lol, the screaming Tumnus. 😀 It would make a great white elephant gift…..

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