April Fools Day Round-Up

Hope you enjoyed our April Fools’ Day articles yesterday. In case you missed them, here’s a summary. Take note especially of the stories that were true!

1. New name for Eagle and Child pub: Not True. The pub’s name is staying the same for the foreseeable future.

2. Perelandra Opera: True. All the information and facts in the article are accurate, and you can listen to some clips on the link given.

3. TLC staff to consult on The Silver Chair film: Not True. Unfortunately we have not been asked to help with the script  and still await further news and information on the progress, or not, of the film.

4. CS Lewis Nature Reserve under threat: Not True. No parking lots are being built in this area, though I believe there is a new one planned for central Oxford. It’s also unlikely that it would be a good location, and I suspect it is governed by some kind of environmental protection. (The photo is a real one taken of the woods by Ajnos when she was there).

5. Weird Narnia stuff to buy: True. These items really are/were for sale or auction and can be viewed on the links provided.

Here’s a friendly reminder to always read what you find on the internet with caution. There is a lot of nonsense and inaccurate information out there. We at the TLC News Team always endeavour to research our articles and provide as accurate accounts as we can and we encourage you to view the links or references provided at the end of our articles for more information. If we are going to post prank stories (like these April Fools items or our Horse and the Boy film story from last year) we will be sure to let you know that they are not real. Thanks to all our readers for your support!

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