Coriakin’s Kitchen Contest

Coriakin has found his magic book unfortunately short on recipes! To remedy this, he is hosting a cooking contest this month from April 7ththrough April 30th. The contest is divided into two categories¬†and the winner of each category will have their recipe put into Coriakin’s Book of Incantations.

The first category is By the Book. This category is for things specifically named in one of the Chronicles. We are asking that no one enter Turkish Delight (too common in the Narnian kitchen craft), and that nobody enter bread and margarine (yes, we know Edmund mentioned it, but that is way too easy). This category is judged by creativity and accuracy; therefore, be sure to follow book descriptions, but try to choose a dish you don’t think someone else will choose. Substitutes are allowed, just remember not to make them too outrageously different. (Beef for lamb? Of course! Turkey for lobster? Reconsider.)

The second category is Out of the Hat. This is the category that will call for more creativity. Beaver’s dam cookies? Absolutely! Gingersnaps with the face of Ginger? Totally acceptable! A dish you think would be served in one of the countries in Narnia? Go for it! This category is judged based on creativity and intensity. In this, the concept matters just as much as the final turn-out. Did the White Witch’s castle cake tower fall down on you? Who cares? Just the fact that you tried doing something that ridiculously complicated gives you bonus points.

So how do you enter? Simple, really. Name your dish, and provide a short description of it, telling us things like what gave you the inspiration for the dish, and where in the book can we find a description of the dish (For By the Book entries). Then, take some pictures of it. Be sure to cite any sources you used. If you used a specific recipe or watched some Youtube videos that gave you ideas or tutorials, be sure to include them. Then, private message your entry to Ajnos, Swanwhite, Lucy Took, or the Happy Islander.

Judging will commence in early May. As previously mentioned, the winning recipes will be put in the Book of Incantations, and the winners will receive full-color copies of their respective pages.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to direct them to Tenethia or Ariel.of.Narnia.