Homebred Fanfiction – Writing Contest #79

Narnians have just discovered that people from Spare Oom have been writing something called “fanfiction” and they want in on the action too! Mary Sue fics? Tales of Narnians visiting Spare Oom? Alternate Universes? Golden Age adventures? Crossovers? Write up a title and a short summary of their fics.

Example by Ariel_of_Narnia: “‘International Relations’ by Lasaraleen Tarkeena”
The crown prince of Calormene, Rabadash, has invited the Court of Narnia to visit him in glorious Tashbaan in hopes of winning the hand of the famously beautiful Queen Susan. King Edmund just wants the visit to be over… until he finds love in the eyes of a young Tarkeena. AU, Edmund/OC (pls read, i promis the story’s better than the summary!)


Honorable Mention

‘The Diary of a Disgruntled King’ by High King Peter (The Magnificent) by Rose & Psyche
After a mind-scarring experience involving the Department of Squirrel Affairs, my psychiatrist told me I should keep a diary. Herein, you will read a firsthand account of the daily life of the High King, including a detailed description of breakfast, battling dragons and dealing with diplomats from Far Away. Permanently in Progress. Canon. Read and Review!


And the winner is…

“‘The Reality Behind the Door’ by Griffle” by hobbit_of_narnia
The few surviving heroes of the Battle for Narnia are flung into a shed filled with deluded people who are convinced their prison isn’t a prison at all. Can our protagonists convince them of the truth before it’s too late? And what sort of machine is making that noise over there? (This is the true account of what happened exactly how it was, so don’t believe any other version you hear from anyone, especially if it’s from the lot at the other end of the stable.)


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