Commencement 2015

*rides in on her coal-black horse, and blows a blast on her trumpet*

The time has come once again to recognize and celebrate the overcomers among us — our graduates! Join us July 11th as we recognize our graduates in our annual chatroom ceremony. The ceremony will begin at 5pm Pacific Standard Time. Our beloved staff member, Benisse, will be delivering an address during the “Live Like a Narnian”-themed ceremony.

Refreshments will be served during the pre-ceremony party, which begins at 4:30, and also afterwards.

For more information, contact Tenethia by private message. Also, If you are graduating this year (from junior high, high school, or college), please notify Tenethia so that we can recognize you this year.

Be sure to RSVP your attendance so that the organizing parties will know approximately the amount of chairs that should be set up.