Caption Contest 38 – #TBT: Rabadash the….Peacemaker


Winning Entries:
It took many, many years, but the Talking Animals finally fiqured out that you have to let the Son of Adam out of the clothes before you wash them and hang them up to dry.
~ Tom Duffy

Cor: *scrolling through Rabadash’s Instagram feed* What’s this?!
Aravis: *reads* “I’m totally relaxing after the battle and definitely not stuck. #rabadashthehonest #chillinlikeavillain” Fifteen likes. Corin left a comment that said, “Rabadash, I know you got stuck on a hook, don’t try to deny it or I’ll knock you down!”
Cor: Oh, my! We’d better make sure he doesn’t do anything foolish! *scrambles out of the room, with Aravis following*
~ Albero

The hokey-pokey is much more interesting in Narnia.
~ hobbit_of_narnia

Rabadash: Well, this is awkward.
~ Jaygee



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  1. Albero

    I was inspired by the fact that this was a #TBT because hashtags make me think of Instagram. XD

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