Very Brief Update on The Silver Chair Script Douglas Gresham

On September 30th, The Chronicles of Narnia official Facebook page released a video of Douglas Gresham answering a question concerning The Silver Chair Script. As many of you remember, back in June a false Tweet was released claiming that the script for The Silver Chair had been completed. This tweet was refuted by The Chronicles of Narnia official Facebook page, who now brings us this recent video of Douglas Gresham. Finally we have some clarity on where things stand with regards to the film.

In this video, Gresham gives us the real news: the script is getting near completion, or in his own words “we are getting pretty close.” Production itself has not started, since the script is not yet ready, but this news is heartening in the fact that things are still moving forward for The Silver Chair. Gresham, who is one of the producers of the upcomng film and CS Lewis’ stepson, is optimistic about what we can expect from the final result.

We will continue to keep you updated as more news comes in.

Watch the brief video here.

Source: The Chronicles of Narnia official Facebook page