Tall Tales – Writing Contest #80

We all know that Pittencream, who deserted on the voyage of the Dawn Treader, made up stories to tell of the Utter East. Without a doubt, others have done the same at various points in Narnian history, exaggerating adventures and twisting facts into fiction. What might some of these tall tales have sounded like?

Example: “Shift’s Promotion” by Ariel_of_Narnia
You question my authority? Do you want to tell Aslan that you question his selection? No, you don’t, and even if you did, Aslan would show you what happens when you question him. I didn’t ask for this job, you know. Aslan himself came to me at Cauldron Pool to test me. I met his standards, see – the wisdom of many years, the elevated intelligence of men (because I am a man, remember!), and the integrity of faithful disciple. He instructed me to enter the Pool and to fetch out what I might find. I dared not do otherwise, though the strength of the waterfall nearly killed me, but I succeeded and was made his mouthpiece. So do not question me on that or any other count, for to question me is to question him! Now, where is that Chief Squirrel with those nuts…?


And the winner is…
“The Heroic Horse” by AGB

Bree: Yes! It was a lion! The fiercest brute I’d ever seen! It leaped out of the brush and attacked Aravis! It nearly tore her to pieces!! Afraid? Not I, not I. You forget that I feel no fear! I whipped around and battled the beast with my front hooves, neighing and whinnying a fierce battle cry! Then, I delivered a fatal blow to the monster. What’s that? Oh, no, it was quite nothing, really. I merely saw what needed to be done and did it! Reward? What? Heroism? Oh, no I assure you, that won’t be necessary…

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