Hath Not the Poet Said? – Writing Contest #82

From the clearly vast library of Calormene verses to the homey one-liners of Narnia, there’s a proverb for every occasion. What sorts of sayings might one find in the whole world of Narnia? They can be pithy, funny, superstitious, even twists on things you’ve heard on this side of the wardrobe door!

Example: “Ginger” by Ariel_of_Narnia

To consort with a ginger tom is to cavort with certain doom.


Honorable Mentions

“Puddleglum” by AGB
Keep calm and stay positive.

by Elanorelle
Arrogance made the cat go mute.


And the winner is…

by hobbit_of_narnia
Never is a Marsh-wiggle more content than when he is unhappy, and never is he more unhappy than when he is content.


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