Reporters Being Sought for The Lion’s Call News Team

Are you an enthusiastic Narnia fan who would love to be a part of bringing Narnia-related news to the attention of people on The Lion’s Call? As we continue to get updates concerning the upcoming Narnia film, The Lion’s Call is looking for additional reporters to join our News Team. This would not only involve reporting breaking news for The Silver Chair, but also submitting lengthier articles dealing with C.S. Lewis, Narnia, and other subjects related to these.

We are especially looking for more full-time reporters, though part-timers are very welcome as well. Right now, depending on the number of reporters we have comprising the team, full-timers are defined as writing an article every three weeks (depending on the number of reporters we have). Part-timers will be expected to write an article every three months, though more than this is highly encouraged. As we receive breaking news, it will be our goal to post this news as soon as possible.

Being a reporter on The Lion’s Call is not a paid position, though there are other benefits. You will get the experience of finding news on the web and composing articles from this information. There may also be opportunities to attend events near your area as a member of the press, which may result in better access. Your position as a reporter may also include interviews with celebrities or other public figures, whether in person or via the web. You will also be able to include your experience as a reporter on your resume or CV.

Parental consent is needed for members younger than 18, as we will be conducting hour-long video meetings on Google Hangouts every month. These will be held in order to keep updated with current articles being written and for reporters to share their questions and ideas. You will need a Google+ account to be a part of these. These video meetings may become less frequent over time. Part-time reporters are only required to attend meetings quarterly, though they are welcome to join whenever possible.

If you are interested in a reporter’s position, please Private Message always narnian by March 15, 2016 to apply. You may also contact some of our current reporters for more information on a reporter’s position: Tenethia, Ajnos, and Lil. (Note that these reporters will only be offering answers to questions concerning the position, not accepting applications.)