What’s Happening on TLC?

21st February, 2016

Hello, everyone! March is progressing quickly, and we are about to embark on some thrilling adventures! Of course, every good adventurer has a map (or knows someone with a map)! I am happy to be providing you with the map to guide you on through the year.


While the caption contest and writing contest are continuing on the homepage, we have begun introducing some new contests to the forum.

The first one announced was the Artifacts Quest, in which members are given a Narnia prop and told to either find a similar item online or make the item themselves. The item for the first round was Lucy’s Crown — results for that will be posted in the forum soon. The second round, which ends March 20th, features Susan’s Horn as the item. Get to the search!

The second was a new Art Contest, in which TLCers are encouraged to draw, paint, or otherwise create a picture depicting a location in Narnia, such as the crack to Bism. The first round of this will conclude on March 15th.

To get more information on the contests, visit the TLC Happenings section in the forum, or contact Elanorelle or Tenethia.

Activities and Clubs

The E-Inklings Writer’s Group is still active, being led alternately by Lil, Ariel, and Tenethia. It meets every Saturday evening in the chatroom at 5:30 PST. Everyone is welcome to attend* and share their works and receive input, and those who doesn’t have anything to share are welcome to attend and offer suggestions. For more information, you can contact Ariel or Tenethia.

The chatroom costume parties, in which members change their names to a character and play that character throughout the day, are still happening. Typically they are held the 15th of every month, from 8am-4pm Pacific time. The theme is generally released the previous day. For further information, contact Tenethia.

Rounds of Mafia are still going on in the forum! There is a new one every three weeks or so, usually beginning at the beginning of the month. Be sure to sign up for a round! In addition to Mafia, we’ve been playing Mad Libs, Last Post, and The Person Below Me. Drop into the Village Green on the forum to check everything out!

The Armchair Adventurers is the newest group to join TLC. The book club, hosted in the forum’s Town Square, will be reading through and discussing various books. The first book the group undertook was The Hobbit. Check out the forum to see which books will be coming next and to drop in suggestions. If you have any questions, contact Tooky or Tenethia.

TLC’s Day of Prayer will be held in the chatroom this year on March 18th, Good Friday, from 6-10pm Pacific time. Be sure to drop in to pray, and remember that during this time, we’re reserving the chatroom specifically as a chapel. Please limit chatting to just brief greetings during this time.

We will be having a movie night for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe this month! We will be having two showings in our TLCinema, one on Tuesday, March 22nd, at 4pm PST, with Elanorelle hosting, and one on Saturday, March 26th at 5pm PST, with Ariel and Tenethia hosting. It will be a perfect way to gear your thoughts towards Easter, which is on March 23rd!

*All chatroom participants must be over the age of 13, for everyone’s safety.

Wanted! Reporters!

The Lion’s Call Reporter’s Group is currently seeking new reporters, both part-time and full-time. The Reporter’s Group is responsible for most of the posts on the home page, including general articles on the life of CS Lewis and breaking news on the Silver Chair. For more information, contact Always Narnian by March 15th.


As always, Elanorelle is looking out for anyone with Narnian comics. If you have any you are willing to share, or if you have ideas you are willing to give to us so that we can turn them into comics, please contact her. If you can’t draw, you can always wander over to the Comic Creator in the Humor section and use the drag and drop interface to cobble together a comic with pre-drawn Narnia characters and speech bubbles.

Contest Entries!

A lot of time and energy goes into planning and producing our contests, and we sincerely appreciate it when we get entries! We have a writing contest, a drawing challenge, a caption contest, and other contests are in the works. Please be sure to take the time to enter them!


If you have recently written, or are currently writing, a Narnia fanfiction piece, be sure to add it to our fanfiction directory on the site. Having fanfiction is a huge part of having Lion Awards!


There is a lot more to come! Be sure you’re keeping up by following us on social media, and always make sure to peek into the forum! Do that and you can be sure you won’t miss a thing!