Update on the Silver Chair

(This post was created for April Fools Day 2016. We hope you enjoyed this article anyways.

If you have been following our news feed here on TLC, you have definitely seen the updates we have shared from Douglas Gresham. If somehow you’ve missed them, here they are:

Douglas Looks Forward to Puddleglum
Gresham on the Order of the Narnia Films
Gresham’s Update on the Silver Chair Script

This week, one more update has been posted. Regretfully, Donald Gresham has announced that they are ceasing work on the films until further notice. “Unfortunately, the Chronicles are losing popularity. With this enormous gap between films, some research we have been doing is showing us that a fourth Narnia film is simply an impossibility. Only one out of a hundred people have even heard of the Chronicles of Narnia. It’s quite saddening.” You can visit the original article here and read the entire interview, as well as see the research Donald was speaking of.

While Narnia fans everywhere, myself included, are deeply disappointed, I’m certainly glad we have this hope: April Fool’s Day.

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    Hobbit would it have been more convincing if I had used Gresham’s correct first name? 😉

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