The Narnialympics 2016: Day Two

Hello from Bernstead to our audience at home! I’m Ariel_of_Narnia with Azim Balda Broadcasting coming to you with a report of Day Two of the 2016 Narnialympics. This year’s tournament had begun yesterday with javelin, which proved just how high expectations are this year for audiences and athletes alike!

Males and females of varying species came forward for the gymnastics event and what a sight to behold! The majority of contestants came from the country of Narnia, and many of them consisted of Fauns, Dryads, and Naiads, who – for those of you who are not familiar with Narnians – are frequent dancers and revelers. Such art and skill on display; I really can’t tell how the judges managed to score these marvelous athletes. Unfortunately, the Faun Oscuns had a terrible accident during his floor routine; report is that one of his legs broke when he landed improperly.

However, the Fauns of Narnia can still stand proud as one of their own placed third overall. (The winner’s name has not yet been released as there has been a shuffle of paperwork, but the prevailing rumour is that it was a certain Randy, crew member of the Narnian ship Dawn Treader, who claimed the bronze.) Coming in second came the surprising performances of Sir Reepicheep, Chief of the Talking Mice and Knight of Narnia. In an exclusive interview with Azim Balda Broadcasting, Sir Reepicheep attributes his extraordinary skill to his years of skilled combat and the benefit of his tail for balance and grabbing hold of things. And finally, Narnia swept up the stand with the rising star of the year Queen Lilliandil claiming gold with her graceful charm and expressive performances! (Highlights of today’s performances can be seen here.)

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