Narnialympics 2016: Day Four

This is Ariel_of_Narnia with Azim Balda Broadcasting. Audiences at home may have heard by now that on the fourth day of the Narnialympics, Bernstead was briefly attacked by a dragon. The best and bravest of each nation rallied together to ward off the beast, and all are safe and accounted for. Several injuries have been sustained; physicians have ordered a handful of athletes to withdraw from the tournament. Clean-up continues, but officials announced late last night that the games would resume.

Now, I bring you the results of the archery event that occurred just a few hours prior to the dragon attack.

So many athletes entered the event, the crowd of those awaiting their turns formed a veritable army! The contest was close and the judges had a long, heated discussion before the three winners were finally announced.

After the controversy of Doctor Cornelius’ use of magic in the high jump event, we hardly expected another so soon. One particular female centaur, who has not released her name, had chosen to fire a flaming arrow, but to everyone’s surprise, it burst mid-air and released a phoenix! The target burned straightaway when the phoenix made contact, but one Farsight the Eagle was able to confirm the perfect score. This caused a stir amongst the other archers, a number of whom called for the Centaur’s disqualification as there were two contestants at play. The Centaur responded to these protestations with a reminder that no specifications were given on the types of arrows that may or may not be used. This was the largest of the controversies the judges faced in this event, but they chose to award her with the bronze medal with no comment regarding the decision.

Another surprise for the judges came in the form of Ilugumuth Tarkaan of Calormen. Already distinguishable by his twisted lip, Ilugumuth Tarkaan had a different approach to the sport. Rather than aim as soon as he stepped up, he stood still, sizing up the target, as it were. Then, in a smooth succession of movements, he raise his bow, drew his arrow back, and let it fly with hardly any evidence of aiming. Though his form was unusual, it may be that it was a factor in the forces that knocked the target backward, though there has been some debate over this as the Tarkaan’s face expressed as much surprise as everyone else’s. The judges deliberated over this occurrence, but in the end named him the silver medalist.

The gold medal went to Narnia’s favourite in the event, her majesty Queen Susan herself. To ensure that she used an ordinary bow, rather than the magical one she had received from Father Christmas, the bow was inspected prior to her entry onto the field. With the grace and poise of the stately queen she is, Queen Susan’s form was excellent, her movements were steady, and her shot made with confidence. Moreover, she neither burned nor moved the target!


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