Narnialympics 2016: Day 7

Between the one-hundred-meter dash and the speed of our sprinters, it has been proven that, though we are nearing the end of the Narnialympics 2016, the pace is not letting up! I’m Ariel_of_Narnia coming to you live from Bernstead, Avra.

Few men dared to enter this event, leaving it to the various creatures of Narnia: Dryads, Centaurs, and Talking Beasts. Despite this, the stands were filled with Narnians and non, creatures and men alike, all of them cheering on their favoured athletes.

Our bronze medalist this year is a Talking Leopard. He has not released his name, but some believe he is one of the Leopards who once bore Aslan’s crown and standard, based on the stoic calm that blanketed all indication of emotion but for the tautening of his muscles and the twitching of his tail. Whether or not this identification proves true or not, many artists have declared their interest in painting the Leopard’s portrait!

Outrunning the Leopard by just a hair was one Chervy the Stag, who once ran a message from the foot of Mount Pire to Cair Paravel in record time. One has only to see how he bounds forward, hooves hardly touching the track, to believe the account of his heroism. From the cheers of his fans from both Narnia and Archenland, it would seem that Chervy has found his calling as a Narnialympic athlete.

And finally, the gold medal goes to our high-jump bronze medalist and surprise winner, Bree the Horse! Bree thundered ahead of his competitors and crossed the finish line a full two seconds before Chervy the Stage. In addition to this, his coach declared that the retired war Horse set a new personal record on the track. When asked about this achievement, Bree responded, “I train myself to be in top form, but it isn’t until I get on the track that I truly give it my all. No, it is no great secret: I simply imagine myself being chased by a great lion. It has proven to be an effective motivator in the past.” However, when asked to elaborate on this point, Bree seemed embarrassed and politely refused to comment. Curiously, shouts of “Remember you’re a war horse!” and “I did think we were safe from lions here!” were heard from Bree’s biggest fans, none other than Prince Cor and Aravis Tarkeena of Archenland, both of whom likewise refused to comment. Though we are left to speculate as to the meaning of this, the results are irrefutable.

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