Thank You, Father Christmas – Writing Contest #88

For many, the tradition of writing down one’s wishlist for Father Christmas to grant is an important one. This year, the Narnians want to do something special for the man himself: thank you notes! What sorts of things will they be thankful for having received?

Example: “King Snore of Archenland”

Dear Father Christmas,
Thank you ever so much for accommodating my last-minute change in request. Your device works wonders. Cor put up a fuss when I presented it to him, protesting that he’d knock it out in his sleep for the discomfort. But he didn’t and last night was the first night in weeks I was able to sleep in silence! Thank you so much for bringing one bit of Archenland this wonderful gift of peace.
With much gratitude,
Aravis of Archenland


Honorable Mentions:

by Tom Duffy
Dear Father Christmas,
I want to thank you again for the wonderful Christmas meal that you gave us during the Great Thaw. I told my Momma that you were real and that you would come one day. The old Dog-Fox had told me stories about you and I knew that you would not forget us. I am sorry that I am sending you this during the month of Greenroof and that it is so late. After you had left us with the magnificent meal, the White Witch came by. She had King Edmund as a prisoner and he tried to stop her, but she just knock the brave King down. She turned us into stone and it took a long while before Edmund was able to bring Aslan back to where we we stuck still as statues. I told my mother that I was sorry that I lost my head and squealed “He has-he has-he has!” But she said do not worry about that, things worked out it the end and that I should never lie to anyone, even an evil queen. So thank you for making my first real Christmas a super one.
Scattertwig the Squirrel

by Tom Duffy
Dear Father Christmas,
Thank-you for given Corin the punching bag this past Christmas. Maybe now he won’t use me as a sparring partner as much.
Your friend,

by Tom Duffy
Dear Father Christmas,
I want to thank you for what you did during your visit this year. Changing all the Turkish Delight that Peter, Susan and Lucy gave me to Cadbury Eggs was a great idea. Everyone was so surprised when I opened my gifts. Cadbury Eggs are Lucy’s favorite candy in both worlds. I don’t think I could ever eat a piece of Turkish Delight again. Thank you for everything you have done for us.


And the winner is…

by featherfish
Dearrrrr Fatherrrr Chrrristmas,
Thank you kindly forrrr the suit of arrrmourrr. It will be verrrry useful forrrr hanging hats on and decorrrating my foyerrrr and other perrrrfectly harmless things.
I am rrrrrather disappointed, howeverrrr, that I did not rrrrecieve the poison I rrrequested. Did you think I would do harrrrmful things with it. Of courrrrse not. That was just a drrrream you had. It is alrrrright. I will not poison the Prrrince or entrrrrap him. Do not worrrry. It is all alrrright.
The Lady of the Green Kirtle


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