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Narnian Usernames – Writing Contest #89

What sorts of online usernames might Narnians come up for themselves? Funny? Serious? Random? Might they have multiple usernames for different purposes? Now’s your chance to find out!

Examples: Trufflehunter – ImABadgerIAm
Shift – Mouthpiece_of_Tashlan
Caspian X – NavigatorX


Honorable Mentions

Jaygee: Lucy – Valiant_Lioness

Lil: Edmund – ServantofAslan

Jaygee: Peter – Wolfsbane

Sterling Tardie: Peter – high_king

Swanwhite: Shasta – nobodyimportant

Jaygee: Reepicheep – ChivalrousNotCute

Swanwhite: Bree – War_Horse


And the winner is…

Sterling Tardie: Aslan – Myself


Don’t forget to check out the winners of the last .

(PS: New contest in the works!)