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About Swanwhite

Staff of Lion's Call, rhymer of words, popper of bubble wrap, often absurd.

The Lion’s Call Podcast

This podcast presents an adventure on the Dawn Treader and assorted mischief, starring White Rose, Geoffrey F., Tenethia South, Aravir Morningstar and Swanwhite.
It has been a long time since the recording, but ancient sounds may still resound in your ears. Enjoy these echoes of last summer.
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Magician’s Nephew Costume Party Wednesday, May 15

Hurrah! Another costume party is upon us. The theme this time is The Magician’s Nephew. Join us in the chat room Wednesday next week, (May 15th) disguised as Helen or Fledge, or the jackdaw etc….

The event will take place all day until revealing at 4:00 pacific time with up to 3 minutes of guessing per person.