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Saved at the age of seven, baptized at nine. Grew up with more of a Baptist view. Started on Narnia August 2005, thanks to a friend. Love reading and writing. Love horses, lions, and dolphins. Love greens, blues, and silver.

Always Winter, Never Christmas – Writing Contest #90

In honour of our Summer Challenge, this writing contest is appropriately themed to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Even as we experience summer on this side of the wardrobe door, imagine what it was like for the Narnians to have only one season for one hundred years. How did they conduct themselves during this time? The floor is open for any variety of entries: serious tales about everyday struggles or rebellious Christmas parties, fun stories of playing in the snow or general family-and-friend bonding time, long-winded pieces or short ones, whatever strikes your fancy!

Example: “Redder Than Holly”
Mother was not doing well. Fifteen years of straight winter had taken its toll on her: she was near-bedridden most days and half-delirious more often than not. Tumnus worried for her. She was not gone, not yet, and he had to take care of her as best as he knew how. What recourse did he have? Even if Father — no. It was no good thinking about Father now. What was done was done. Mother could not live on hours of knitting and dozens of flute-songs. She needed these precious packages of food.
Tumnus shivered in the cold. Father was not here. Mother need not know. Mother may not even notice. Much as he wanted her to recover, this much worked in his favour: Mother would not suffer a broken heart over his broken promises.
At last, he reached home and thawed his fingers over the crackling fire. “It’s cold out there today, Mother,” he said with forced cheerfulness. She didn’t respond, but he hadn’t expected her to: she hadn’t spoken in such a long time. Keeping up a stream of chatter for the both of them, Tumnus prepared lunch: tea, bread and butter, a slice of ham, and, from the new provisions, a handful of dried cranberries. “Here we are, Mother,” he announced as he approached her bed with the tray.
Mother turned her eyes from the fire to smile at him. Her hands pushed something — a package — toward him. On top, in neat and careful letters, were written the words “Merry Christmas”. Tumnus’ heart froze. Ill as she was, Mother had remembered Christmas. And after what he had done — what was he to do? He fought the urge to check over his shoulder for the Secret Police. Instead, he set down the tray and unwrapped the paper. The scarf inside was long and bright red, redder than holly. “It’s lovely, Mother; thank you.” He wrapped it around his neck. “And it’s warm too!”
Mother smiled again and they tucked into their lunch. Tumnus relaxed when Mother did not question the new fare. However, when they had finished and he began to clear the dishes, he noticed that she had not touched the cranberries. He bit his lip without meaning to. So she knew after all. She knew of his betrayal. She knew he had gone to the White Witch. Tears sprang to his eyes and shame filled his heart. Mother’s hand cupped his cheek and wiped at one of his tears. When he finally met her gaze, he saw unshed tears in her own eyes. But behind those tears, beyond the spark of rebellion in the face of endless winter, he saw the one truth he had always known: “I love you.”


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Narnian Usernames – Writing Contest #89

What sorts of online usernames might Narnians come up for themselves? Funny? Serious? Random? Might they have multiple usernames for different purposes? Now’s your chance to find out!

Examples: Trufflehunter – ImABadgerIAm
Shift – Mouthpiece_of_Tashlan
Caspian X – NavigatorX


Honorable Mentions

Jaygee: Lucy – Valiant_Lioness

Lil: Edmund – ServantofAslan

Jaygee: Peter – Wolfsbane

Sterling Tardie: Peter – high_king

Swanwhite: Shasta – nobodyimportant

Jaygee: Reepicheep – ChivalrousNotCute

Swanwhite: Bree – War_Horse


And the winner is…

Sterling Tardie: Aslan – Myself


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(PS: New contest in the works!)

Thank You, Father Christmas – Writing Contest #88

For many, the tradition of writing down one’s wishlist for Father Christmas to grant is an important one. This year, the Narnians want to do something special for the man himself: thank you notes! What sorts of things will they be thankful for having received?

Example: “King Snore of Archenland”

Dear Father Christmas,
Thank you ever so much for accommodating my last-minute change in request. Your device works wonders. Cor put up a fuss when I presented it to him, protesting that he’d knock it out in his sleep for the discomfort. But he didn’t and last night was the first night in weeks I was able to sleep in silence! Thank you so much for bringing one bit of Archenland this wonderful gift of peace.
With much gratitude,
Aravis of Archenland


Honorable Mentions:

by Tom Duffy
Dear Father Christmas,
I want to thank you again for the wonderful Christmas meal that you gave us during the Great Thaw. I told my Momma that you were real and that you would come one day. The old Dog-Fox had told me stories about you and I knew that you would not forget us. I am sorry that I am sending you this during the month of Greenroof and that it is so late. After you had left us with the magnificent meal, the White Witch came by. She had King Edmund as a prisoner and he tried to stop her, but she just knock the brave King down. She turned us into stone and it took a long while before Edmund was able to bring Aslan back to where we we stuck still as statues. I told my mother that I was sorry that I lost my head and squealed “He has-he has-he has!” But she said do not worry about that, things worked out it the end and that I should never lie to anyone, even an evil queen. So thank you for making my first real Christmas a super one.
Scattertwig the Squirrel

by Tom Duffy
Dear Father Christmas,
Thank-you for given Corin the punching bag this past Christmas. Maybe now he won’t use me as a sparring partner as much.
Your friend,

by Tom Duffy
Dear Father Christmas,
I want to thank you for what you did during your visit this year. Changing all the Turkish Delight that Peter, Susan and Lucy gave me to Cadbury Eggs was a great idea. Everyone was so surprised when I opened my gifts. Cadbury Eggs are Lucy’s favorite candy in both worlds. I don’t think I could ever eat a piece of Turkish Delight again. Thank you for everything you have done for us.


And the winner is…

by featherfish
Dearrrrr Fatherrrr Chrrristmas,
Thank you kindly forrrr the suit of arrrmourrr. It will be verrrry useful forrrr hanging hats on and decorrrating my foyerrrr and other perrrrfectly harmless things.
I am rrrrrather disappointed, howeverrrr, that I did not rrrrecieve the poison I rrrequested. Did you think I would do harrrrmful things with it. Of courrrrse not. That was just a drrrream you had. It is alrrrright. I will not poison the Prrrince or entrrrrap him. Do not worrrry. It is all alrrright.
The Lady of the Green Kirtle


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Always a First Time – Writing Contest #87

In a newborn world, one will always find the development of equally new things. King Frank and Queen Helen, being from a world that has seen many inventions simple and great, have decided to host a contest to see what the first Narnians will come up with. These items may be simple or complex, ranging from an article of clothing to a structure, commonly used in Narnia or perhaps never mentioned in the books. (Virtual cookies will be awarded to entries that also give a description!)

Example: The Fauns’ Double-Reeded Flute – Why make a flute with a single reed when you could have the complexities of two? The first double-reeded flute was whittled out of red lancewood and was somewhat on the squeaky side, but the model will be improved upon over the years to produce rich, smooth tones and to become one of the fauns’ favoured instruments!


And the winner is…

For Frying or Fighting? by Rose and Psyche
Article in the Narnia Times – For Frying, or Fighting? Invented: A large cast iron Object, round and indented, with a Useful Handle. Seems extremely Suited to all forms of Uses, including frying bacon, eggs, mushrooms, etc…and also suited for Self Defense in Dire Need. For further Questions, please contact the Black Dwarfs Smithy along the Rush.


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Narnialympics 2016: Day 9

Between the storm that continued from Day 8 and then the feasting following the Closing Ceremonies, we have another late report.

Audiences at home will be relieved to know that King Caspian X of Narnia did not suffer a concussion from his fall on Day 8 after all.

The storm that spooked his mount intensified the next day, delaying the final event of this year’s Narnialympics: aerial acrobatics. This event is somewhat similar to gymnastics, but for winged contestants (Talking Birds, Winged Horses, dragons, etc.). A miniature obstacle course is set mid-air for the athletes to perform around in a choreography of their choosing. As the event is open to a variety of winged creatures, there is always something new to see as each species has its own advantages and disadvantages, ranging in size, limb types, and skeletal flexibility.

The winner of the bronze medal is a dragon of unclear origins. Some say his is from as far east as Dragon Island, but according to King Edmund and Queen Lucy of Narnia, he is from a place called “Cambridge”. The dragon seemed to agree to the latter point of origin and tried to write out something in the sand, but between his scrawled writing, the accidental sweeps of his tail, and the ocean waves, the most we got from him directly was this (the ellipses marking where his writing was obscured):


Regardless of his origins, this dragon has earned his bronze medal with his powerful performance. The rate at which he gained his altitude was impressive and he made excellent use of his tail in his triple-ring twist. Unfortunately, he went a little too far in making an impression, for his fire-breathing set a couple of the props on fire.

Coming in second was Fledge of Narnia, father of all winged horses. Though his performance was more than admirable for his skill in flight, Fledge clearly appealed to all the horse-lovers in the audience, incorporating a toss of his mane here, a rearing up there, and a wild whinny at the end of it all. Of these decisions, Fledge merely stated, “I was born a simple country horse before Aslan gave me wings. I still love a good gallop or a roll or a lump of sugar as much as any other horse, and I wanted to reflect in my performance those simple joys as only a Horse can have.”

Taking home the final gold of this tournament is the Chief Gryphon of Narnia. His inclusion of his many battle-born maneuvers brought a fresh meaning to the word “dynamic”. While the dragon’s performance was an artful dance and Fledge’s was a new level of “wild and free”, the Chief Gryphon’s choreography was nothing short of passionate. With his leonine grace and eagle-like swiftness, one could easily envision a battle raging about him as he wheeled and dove and somersaulted in and around the obstacle course. A close battle to be sure, but the Chief Gryphon emerged the undisputed victor of the event.

Thank you for following these special reports with Azim Balda Broadcasting and we hope you’ll join us four years from now for the 2020 Narnialympics Tournament!