5. PC Film: Looking Forward

by C.S. Lois

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers Below!

With the upcoming movie Prince Caspian on its way, we fans have been into all the updates: from reasonable things, such as watching all trailers and TV spots that come our way, to downright obsessive things such as magnifying screencaps to 500% in hopes of catching something we missed, or trying to memorize This is Home by Switchfoot. (I’m certainly guilty of the latter.) Some of us are implicitly innocent – having avoided every spoiler out there and trusting Adamson completely, and some of us have hunted down every piece of media we could find, and as a consequence, are more skeptical. But whatever the level of obsession, and no matter how much or how little we want to leave to Adamson to decide, I think we can all relate to one thing – that we’re looking forward to this movie more than any other, except maybe The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

I remember when The Lion’s Call had the Y2C celebration – and it seemed like mere months ago. Amazing! I remember when I said to the family (rather loudly, I might add) that it was only one month to Prince Caspian! And now it’s only two weeks away. As the tension and excitement builds, I realize I’ve made a (rather nerdy) list of things to do beforehand. I must read the book again, I should watch the BBC version again, and I’ll try to listen to the Focus on the Family Radio theater production again. I have to memorize This is Home (so I can sing along in the theater). I’ve written my monthly review on the book Prince Caspian for May’s edition of our homeschool newsletter, and I’ve seen The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe about six times in the last few months. (Think it’s enough?) So I think I’m ready.

And with visions of a romance between Susan and Caspian (including the now-confirmed kiss – GAH!), a bit of sorcery that may go too far, and Caspian’s age, accent and – maybe most disturbing of all – hair, I feel that it won’t be as true to Lewis as we hope. But on the other hand, I think it’ll be more fulfilling than our inner Puddleglum wants us to believe. We must, (I quote) “Keep the optimism” and just hope that it’ll turn out fine.
If worse comes to worst, it’ll just be another super-duper adventure movie. *wink*

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