2. Favorite Characters, Part 1: The Children

by C.S. Lois

In Narnia, children are used more so than adults. Children are the main characters, and the ones that travel to Narnia from our world. Very few adults have come from our world to Narnia. So for this month’s article, I decided to discuss my favorite child from the Chronicles. Altogether there are 11 main children (counting Corin) and each has his or her own personality. Edmund, Eustace and Aravis undergo similar character changes, each going from a nasty pest to a kind and thoughtful child. Susan abandons Narnia altogether. Lucy is firm in her faith in Aslan and so is Jill, who is also firm in her convictions by The Last Battle. Peter and Shasta become great rulers of their kingdoms. Digory and Polly are the first children to go to Narnia, and also the oldest of the Seven Friends.

All of them are interesting, believable, and dynamic characters. Each has their faults and strong points. And I feel like I know them all personally. So how do I choose? This is going to be hard, so I’m starting with my top three favorites: Jill, Aravis, and Lucy. (Yes, they are all girls, but this has nothing to do with the fact that I am a girl also.) Unfortunately, the main reasons I like Aravis are because she’s in my favorite book, and because she’s from Calormen. (I think Calormen is pretty neat actually. You may call me a Lasaraleen, but I like the clothes!) Then there’s Jill. She’s very much a real person through and through, with her doubts, worries, and love of comfort in The Silver Chair, building up to the mature woods-woman in The Last Battle. Her decisiveness and sense of calm excitement (if there’s even such a thing; but I think you know what I mean) is very inspiring. She’s interested in the disguises, excited for the adventure, but in a very grown-up, mature way. But….there’s always the other person that everyone loves even more. She’s sweet, she’s lovable, trusting, faithful. Yes, you guessed it. It’s always gotta be Lucy. Why? Because she’s Lucy! 🙂

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