Jello Sin

by Paxa

My friend and I found a recipe on the internet for Turkish Delight. We got together one day and made it. (It was citrus, not rose, flavored). We couldn’t wait to sample the results.

So here was the revelation… is jello. Well, ok, it is fancy glorified jello…..but not good enough to sell out your siblings to an evil queen. Not enough that you would trade your soul for it. Not enough that the Creator would have to DIE in your place.

Ah, but it doesn’t end there. I was driving home that day, disappointed and confused by our discovery when I had an epiphany. Perhaps Lewis meant us to know that TD is nothing very special, and it is lost in the translation into the culture of the United States. Maybe he meant us to know that Aslan died for ‘Jello’ and Christ died for our childish, greedy, selfish, petty sins. He DIED because I wanted a little more jello.

Ok, I have been a Christian a long time, and I knew this already….but all of a sudden that day I really, really KNEW it. In an amazing wonderful way. God shows us things in unexpected ways.

2 thoughts on “Jello Sin

  1. Benisse

    Actually Turkish Delight tastes a lot better than Jello, judging from the varieties I sampled when I was in Turkey in May-June 2012. It was chewy because of all the different goodies that got thrown in from nuts to fruits (I tried cashew, almond, hazelnut, pistachio kinds as well as pomegranate, apricot, and just about any fruit you could imagine dried) held together in a kind of delicate mochi-like filler. The closest thing I can think of to the glory of Turkish Delight is the Aplets Cotlets confection that folks give at Christmas. But in terms of varieties and flavors I saw at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Aplets Cotlets is a decent but pale imitation. The real confection is amazing!

    That being said, stuffing yourself with non-magical Turkish Delight would be a recipe for a major stomach ache, a humongous sugar crash, and maybe even dental disaster. Nonetheless, I agree with Paxa’s reflections above on the hugeness of Jesus’ sacrifice for us, for all our sins petty and otherwise for all people for all time. Now That is Sweet!!

  2. hobbit_of_narniahobbit_of_narnia

    Interesting article! I’ve never had Turkish Delight, but I can’t really blame Edmund as much as most others can…considering my favorite candy is gummy worms, which are pretty much glorified jello as well. 😛


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