Here you will find the kings and queens of Narnia and the surrounding countries.
Names Years of Reign
Frank I and Helen year 1 until year unknown
Frank II years unknown
Frank III years unknown
Frank IV years unknown
Frank V around the year 180
Gale around the year 302
Swanwhite years unknown
Jadis yr 900 until year 1000
Peter, Susan,
Edmund, Lucy
year 1000 until year 1015
Caspian I around the year 1998
Caspian II years unknown
Caspian III years unknown
Caspian IV years unknown
Caspian V years unknown
Caspian VI years unknown
Caspian VII years unknown
Caspian VIII years unknown
Caspian IX year unknown until year 2290
Miraz the Usurper year 2290 until year 2303
Caspian X and Ramandu’s Daughter year 2303 until years 2356 and 2345, respectively
Rilian year 2356 until year unknown
Erlian years unknown
Tirian year unknown until year 2555
Names Years of Reign
Col around 180
Lune around 1015
Cor and Aravis year unknown until year 1050
Ram the Great year 1050 until year unknown
Nain around 2303
Names Years of Reign
Ardeeb Tisroc years unknown
Ilsombreh Tisroc years unknown
Rabadash’s Father year 1000-year unknown
Rabadash the Peacemaker
(also called the Ridiculous)
years unknown