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Director Joe Johnston’s Narnia Plans for 2018

After a time of silence on the Narnia front, Director Joe Johnston has released some plans at recent Paris Comic Con for the newest Narnia Film. In the video, he references The Silver Chair as being the darkest book of the Narnia series, and how they plan to begin filming sometime in late 2018. As far as keeping true to the precursors of this film, Johnston says he is hoping to create a whole new feeling and look for this Narnia Adaptation. One returning element, however, is the landscape of New Zealand, as he confirms they will be shooting on the South Island in 2018.

To view the video footage, head on over to Narniaweb.

(Credit due to Narniaweb for reporting this news)

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In Whatsoever State – Writing Contest #91

It’s not always easy to express thankfulness, but the truth is, there’s always something to be grateful for! Write about any Narnian choosing to be thankful despite the circumstances.

Example: “In Comparison”

“We’ve just got to make the best of it,” Lucy said.
Edmund leaned his head against the wall, knowing she was right, but not wanting to admit it. “I just don’t get why we….” He trailed off, remembering he’d said it at least five times already. From the corner of his eye, he saw that Lucy was ready to say something,  but was relieved that she decided not to. Except that she said it in her eyes, and that was worse.
“Alright, alright,” he finally grumbled. “I’ve camped in the cold, marched on an empty stomach, and slept in a cave with an ogre blocking the way out. And, in comparison, this is a much better situation. There, satisfied?”
Lucy smiled and opened her mouth to reply, but was interrupted by the door suddenly swinging open.
“Oh, come off it already,” Eustace declared as if he knew anything. “Your make-believe adventures are just that. Alberta says that all it does is muddle your grasp on reality. And besides, it makes folks absolutely insufferable.” Eustace held his nose high as if he really had anything to say on the matter. Then he abruptly added, “And dinner is nearly ready,” before turning on his heel and marching out.
Edmund was tempted – oh so tempted – to snip back, but one look from Lucy made him bite his tongue. After a few seconds, he finally said in a tight voice, “At least that’s the worst insult he can come up with?”
Lucy stood and offered a hand to help him off the floor. “That’s the spirit.”


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Summer Challenge 2017

The Summer Challenge is an annual event here at the Lion’s Call. It’s a little like an online book club and a little like a collaborative art project. We pick one of the Chronicles of Narnia, read two chapters a day (leaving Sunday as a catch up or rest day), and share reflections about what we read. Your reflections can essentially be in any form of writing or visual art you can think of. This year we’ll be reading The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

It’s hard to believe, but this is our seventh year doing the Summer Challenge. We’ll finally be completing the entire chronicles. This doesn’t mean it’s the end (far from it!) but there is definitely something momentous about the occasion, and the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe seems like a very fitting story to conclude the cycle with for some reason. If you’ve been sitting out for a year or two, or haven’t yet attempted it, this is definitely a good year to join in.

This year the challenge is running from July 24-Aug 2 and we’re going to have places to share reflections both on the forum and on facebook. 

False Press Release for The Silver Chair

As of yesterday (July 4, 2017) an apparently leaked press release relating to the new Silver Chair film has been doing the rounds. Its original source is unclear but it seems to have been first posted by TheAbandoning on Reddit. The name “Sony” appears at the top of the document but there is no other indication that it genuinely comes from them. Our friends at Narniaweb have investigated and determined the document to be a forgery. 

The press release suggests that filming on The Silver Chair is scheduled for a five month period, starting in November and being shot in the North and South Islands of New Zealand, where we have previously seen Narnia come to life. Weta Digital is also announced as returning to do the armor for the upcoming movie.

Among other things, new talents were announced such as makeup artist Joel Harlow, composer Thomas Newman, as well as casting directors Nina Gold and Theo Park.

You can read the false press release as posted on Reddit here.

For officially confirmed information relating to The Silver Chair film, please consult previous articles and announcements in The Lion’s Call news category.

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eOne Begins Promoting Its Narnia Venture

At CineEurope, in Barcelona, eOne (EntertainmentOne) seized the chance to mention Narnia. On the fourth day of the event, eOne showcased their upcoming projects, The Silver Chair being one of them. Being as early in the works as it is, there was no footage shown for the film, as of yet. However, any news is good news, especially when eOne has taken this opportunity to bring the public’s attention back to Narnia.

For more information about this event and eOne’s newest projects, check out the article over at The Hollywood Reporter (Caution is advised in following outgoing links. The Lion’s Call is in no way affiliated with The Hollywood Reporter.)