Decorating Ideas

Use the ideas below to create a Narnian room for your child or yourself. A number of Narnian images and patterns are also provided to help you. Or, check out our Idea Board

Easy-Sew Bed Canopy: Take a cue from the pavilion mentioned in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Coat of Arms: Design a custom Narnian coat of arms for your child, or use the Heraldic Lion Pattern with red and green paint to create the traditional Narnian crest.

Dawn Treader Painting: Create a picture of the Dawn Treader for your child’s room so they can pop into Narnia whenever they like.

Lamppost: Purchase a lamp shaped like a lamppost from a store that sells lighting.

Paintings: Include some beautiful paintings by artist Andrew Knaupp or artist Paula Novak. For children’s rooms, I recommend Knaupp’s paintings from Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and Novak’s painting of “Aslan with Lucy & Susan” for their gentle and inspiring nature. (add links)

Stuffed Toy Lion: Include a realistic stuffed lion in your room.

Table and Chairs: Turn a small table and chairs into a royal treat for your little prince or princess.

Toy Chest: Create a Narnian treasure chest for storing favorite toys.

Treasure Box: Every child should have a box where he keeps his most treasured possessions, be they plastic jewels, a robinโ€™s egg, or smooth stones.

Wardrobe: Paint a wardrobe or armoire with images of a snowy wood. (link)

Patterns: These patterns are provided free of charge for private personal use only.

Heraldic Lion Pattern



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  1. Joe Rigney

    I’m self-publishing a book on Narnia and I’m wondering about the possibility of using the heraldic lion pattern on the cover. Is that possible?


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