Easy-Sew Bed Canopy

Take a cue from the pavilion mentioned in LWW.


  • a small hula hoop or other round frame
  • 16 yards of fabric in each of two contrasting colors (red and gold in the instructions)
  • a gold-colored finial
  • a ceiling hook
  • ring

1. Cut red fabric into two equals lengths of 8 yards each.
2. Cut gold fabric into two equals lengths of 8 yards each.
3. Sew each red piece back to back with a gold piece, resulting in two 8 yard panels, gold on one side and red on the other.
4. Pull both panels halfway through loop
5. Sew two rows of stitches close together about a foot down from the ring on both halves of each panel.
6. Sever hula hoop and insert between the two rows of each panel until the hoop has been feed through all four channels.
7. Refasten hoop (a staple will work).
8. Attach a finial to the top.
9. Insert the ceiling hook into the ceiling above the bed.
10. Hang canopy from hook and arrange fabric so it drapes attractively.