Tutorials Posting Guidelines

Please, make sure you read these threads before you post in any of the graphics, art, and tutorial threads!

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Tutorials Posting Guidelines

Postby White Rose » Mon Aug 26, 2013 4:34 pm

We welcome instruction from anyone with knowledge of the various art programs, graphics programs, and photo editing programs and web sites. Even tutorials for traditional art methods are welcome! :D
If you would like to give a step by step tutorial on any certain feature or trick for one of these, or on how to make a specific sort of graphic or artwork, feel free and thank you!
We just have a few rules and guidelines to lay down before you post them.

- All tutorials are subject to the forum's rules and guidelines.

- Any graphics or photos, even if illustrating the various steps, are subject to the graphics and art posting rules and guidelines.

- Any tutorials with graphics/photos illustrating steps that are too big to be posted directly, and need to be posted as links, must be pre-approved by either White Rose or Lucy Took. The tutorial post must also include a statement declaring who approved the links.

- Each major tutorial should be in its own thread. These can be started by any member and should remain open for comments and questions, but remember that any extended/off topic conversations should be conducted via PM.

- For any short little tips and tricks, please post these in the thread provided.

Thank you! :)
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