You May be Addicted to Narnia If…

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You May be Addicted to Narnia If…

1. You randomly knock on the backs of wardrobes (or closets)…just in case.

2. You have named one or more pets after a character from the books.

3. You have named one or more CHILDREN after a character from the books.

4. You took a trip to London just to attend the world premiere, even though you live in the U.S.A.

5. You (unlike Caspian) can remember all seven names of the lost lords.

6. You are appalled when people say that the Chronicles of Narnia are “suitable for ages 8-12″…because you’re WAY older than that.

7. You have memorized all the names and order of the Kings and Queens of Narnia.

8. Seeing a lamp post makes you happy!

9. You jump into rain puddles just to see what happens.

10. You have studied maps of Narnia so much that you could find your way around if you happen to end up there.

11. When someone is being pessimistic, you say “You’re such a Puddleglum!”

12. Before eating venison, you ask the cook “This meat didn’t come from a TALKING stag, did it?”

13. You consider mice noble creatures.

14. You excuse yourself from gym class because you haven’t breathed enough Narnian air.

15. You repeat the four signs day and night, night and day — even in the shower.

16. You find yourself thinking, “Aslan is on the move.” whenever you see or think of melting snow or ice.

17. You hesitate when you eat apples.

18. When you get frustrated, you say, “Bother Eustace.”

19. You read the entire series to your child–before he was born!

20. You keep your closet door open just a crack (after all, it is very silly to shut oneself up in a closet/wardrobe)

21. You blow into a horn when you in trouble to see if you can summon the Kings and Queens of Old Narnia

22. You don’t associate with people in green

23. When falling off a horse, you remember the line from HHB about horses stepping on people much less than one might expect. You are stepped on anyway and still slightly resent Lewis for this…no, I’m not kidding.

24. You’ve made a horn to put on your horse’s head and named it Jewel. (but then sigh and say, “it’s just not the same…”

25. You’ve put a hook halfway up your wall and asked your enemies (who haven’t read HaHB) to jump up and down in front of it screaming “The bolt of Tash falls from above!!!!” just for your comedic pleasure

26. You no longer have mouse traps in your house specificly because of Reepicheep

27. You freak out when winter lasts longer than it’s supposed to!!

28. Your family does cannon balls into the pool yelling ‘The wrath of Tash falls from above!”

29. You’ve caught yourself saying things like “Oh bother!” or “This is simply beastly/horrid” or “Hullo!” or “Ware danger!!”

30. You wonder what they DO teach in these schools!!

31. You can read any of the books in a language you don’t know and follow it.

32. You stop calling him “Santa Clause”, instead referring to him as “Father Christmas”. (Guilty again)

33. You have a detailed Narnia timeline as a border in your room.

34. Whenever anybody tries to bribe you, there’s always something Narnian involved.

35. You refer to your flashlights as “electric torches”.

36. You’ve learned to move your ears up and down (C. S. Lewis was right, it is possible.)

37. If you created your own Narnia fan site. {:>)

38. You wonder what the first joke in our world was…

39. Any empty room in your home is dubbed “The Land of Spare Oom.”

40. “Narnia” is now added as a word to your computer’s word processor.

41. When you’ve made up a game called Narnia Freeze Tag in which the person who is ‘It’ is the White Witch and turns people to stone while another person is Aslan and breathes on the stone people to turn them back.

42. You tell Dufflepud jokes instead of blonde jokes

43. You drink Shasta soda just because of the name.

44. Instead of using the phrase,”For Pete’s sake” you say “For Peter’s sake!”

45. You are English, your name is Lucy Pensive (I know it’s so close) and you happen to have a cat named Aslan but you still can’t get to Narnia 🙁 (That’s me!!)

46. Your wedding is Narnia-Inspired

47. When you discover that you do indeed love Turkish Delight and can totally see why Ed asked for it (and felt sick afterwards… Ugh… Mm, lemon flavour…)

48. If you’ve read Narnia to your chickens : ) -Swanwhite

49. When you wish that “nice” clothes in our world were like Narnian clothes–they not only look nice but feel nice when you wear them

50. If your email is narnian, your desktop is narnia, and your friends all have Narnian names that you use when talking to each other. ~Caspian

51. You insist on breathing on the statues of nice-looking people and keep as far away as possible from any stone-looking wolves.

52. On hot summer days you say to yourself, “Smell of hot horse… smell of hot self…”

53. when your kid is being naughty you call him a scrubb 🙂

54. You can honestly say “Everything I know I learned from Narnia” -AndAteSilicon

55. You took an extremely difficult graduate level class just to discuss the LWW with a group of educated people

56. If the sign on your bedroom door reads, “Many sink down into (name witheld)’s room, but few return to the sunlit lands.” It still doesn’t keep my brother out, though. -Clodsley Shovel

57. If you got excited when you saw the experation date on your cereal was the day PC comes out ~ ElvenWind

58. You always ask the square footage and perimeter of a stable, because the inside could be bigger than the outside.

59. You consider putting up a door leading to nowhere in your backyard, except it would drive the neighbors nuts. -Hermit of the Northern March

60. You refuse to let your parents throw away any pictures of Narnia-like boats on the sea

61. If you have May sixteenth circled on every calender you own (and a few you don’t own) ~Caspian

62. If you can find your way around Narnia easier than you can around your own town. ~Forgiven~

63. When a cat scratches you, you retort: ‘Hey! Its not like I got my step-moms servent whipped or anything!’

64. If you named the two donkeys next door “Puzzle” (who just happens to be grey), and “Rabadash”. ~Caspian

65. If you were doing your Awana handbook when it asked whose poster is in your room and you said “Aslan’s” and then later it asked “Do you need to replace your role model with someone more like Christ?” and you couldn’t stop laughing. -Hermit of the Northe

66. You make a huge mess making Turkish Delight, end up with absolutely despicable lumps of gelatin, gnaw them with a wry expression and pronounce them ‘good’.

67. You realized that your identification number for an event (they gave us all numbers) spelled Narnia! one=a, two=b ect.

68. If you do not approve of bare arms!!! But you wear t-shirts all the time…..-Clodsley

69. If when you are on a tour of an old house and they get to the wardrobe, some one says: “Ok, if you see snow, RUN!” And you respond by saying: “No! I f you see snow, run IN!”

70. If you wish you could tell scientists that they could find out a rough estimate of the earth’s age just by looking at the sun, and based on its size it clearly isn’t millions of years old because it is so small. -Clodsley Shovel

71. You see your new next door neighbour, an elderly woman from London named Susan and automatically wonder “So is that what happened to her?”

72. You laughed when you saw that a sample email on a google site) was hikingfan@… because it looked like hi-kingfan (high king fan) to you~Elodie

73. Your friend gets a bad haircut and is mad so you tell the hairdresser to cut yours too because you will not bear the shame of wearing an honor which is denied your friend

74. If at the Grand Canyon you looked right over the edge and tried to image it being ten times higher, with huge clouds looking like sheep at the bottom, but couldn’t quite…and then your dad grabbed you and scolded you for being so close to the edge.

75. You insist upon wearing your Narnian shield pendant at all times… if it doesn’t match, you attach it to your belt loop, undergarment strap, or ankle.

76. If you are now wary of your uncle and never leave him alone in a room with your father or your guinea pig. (TMN and PC)

77. You count all the different things in Narnia that add up to seven (try it, its actually really cool: there are seven things that number seven!).

78. You erupt into hysterical and uncontrollable laughter when your e-mail spell check says that the word Tashbaan is supposed to be Trashcan.

79. When your father insists that you and your brother speak more courteously to eachother and everyone else, you reply by saying, “O my father, and O the delight of my eyes, may you live for ever!” and then walk away laughing because it drives him nuts!

80. If you usually think of ideas for fanfics right in the middle of a conversation and shout “Oh my!” as you scramble for a pen and paper and briefly apologize to whoever you were talking to. ~Caspian

81. … your new solution to EVERYTHING is ‘we could collect nuts!!!’ ~ Camilla the Hare

82. Someone always needs a handkerchief more than you do

83. Your mom asks you to check weather, then has to clarify by saying “our weather, not Narnian weather”. ~Ramandu’s Daughter

84. you know that if you take out one e and mix up the letters in Liam Neeson’s name you get “Lion manes” or “Lion’s mane” ~ Destrier

85. If you’ve actually given certain stars Narnian names. 😉 ~Caspian

86. If you didn’t like the set up of the narnia books in your local bookstore (You couldn’t see the pretty covers!) and started fixing it up better until and angry lady who actally worked there made you stop

87. Whenever you see the Columbia Tristar logo, you immidiately think “Fledge!”

88. You managed to make your science project about Narnia (And I got a decent grade too!)

89. If you call bad drivers on the road Calormenes, “For in Calormen, there is only one traffic rule: those who are less important get out of the way of those who are more.”

90. Your computer mouse makes you think of Reepicheep at odd times. ~The Lioness

91. you do little narnia things in your e-mails (like these) –}——– (a sword) <—-+= (susan’s arow) ~ Aliea

92. if you freak out (in a good way) when you realize your closet is colder than any other room in your house.

93. As you’re reading this list, you’re nodding and smiling.

94. In a school assignment that said “where will you be in two years,” you thought ” watching Prince Caspian, where else would I be!” ~Elodie

95. You had susan’s dress specily mad for you even though you have no were to wear it

96. If you have ever woken up with a narnia book in your hand and don’t know how it got there…

97. Since we didn’t, until recently, have the technology for a LWW movie, you willingly settled, for a long time, for the old, not-very-well-done versions. You know, the ones with PEOPLE IN HUMAN-SIZED BEAVER SUITS. -Rhindon

98. You keep an Aslan poster in your bedroom, and you pass by it every morning and evening. And you think…you just think…that the Lion grows bigger every day.

99. if you pass by a house with lions on the front and your mom says “they must be greek” then you shake your head and say “they MUST be narnian”

100. When your upset about something and your non-Narnians friends said that you need some TLC you said back, “Oh yeah, thanks! The Lion’s Call will make me happier!”

101. If you nickname your cat “DLF” (Which I did)

102. Even your mother, who is SCARED STIFF of mice, considers Reepicheep the “Only Mouuse In My Life.”

103. …If you have had a totally AWESOME, though naturally strange (as all dreams are), narnian dream and re-visit it so often that it seems almost like a memory. – Camilla the Hare

104. Your friends dare you to go into a cave you’ve just found. You demand that they give you twenty bucks if you come out in Narnian armor. ~Gwydion

105. You ask your friends brother who looks like Edmund for their autograph, and when they sign it “Prince Edmund” then you write under it “It’s King Edmund, actually!” (guilty)

24 thoughts on “You May be Addicted to Narnia If…

  1. Benisse

    If the site goes down, you can’t help wondering what your Forum Friends are up to… and even though you don’t do Facebook you peek on someone else’s to see if there is a Lion’s Call hang out there…

    1. nrna3

      my favorite ones are….1,6,8,9,13,16,20,27,29,and 30.i actually DO wonder what they teach in schools today and i actually speak with an english accent though i live in kansas and am not english!–}——– :}] i am also a narnian!~PRINCESS ANASTASIA

      1. nrna3

        106.You drive your mom nuts by saying”Hey mom,I am going to Narnia and am staying there for the rest of my life!”-}————————————{Caspian”s sword in PC}

  2. Tenethia BrandybuckTenethia

    You didn’t know the meaning of the word bored until your favorite Narnia site crashed, leaving you with virtually nothing to do. After all, who are you going to share your ideas, articles, fanfics, and play games with?

    1. White RoseWhite Rose

      FF!!! What happened to you?!
      Our server crashed about a month ago, and wasn’t restoring our site any time soon, so Kristi decided to move us to here… We are currently working on rebuilding the site and forum…and everyone needs to reregister.

      Now, back to topic. 😉

      1. Fireflower

        Thanks! I have been looking for TLC all over the place for a quite awhile now. I am glad to have finally found whats left of it until the site is rebuilt!

  3. Tenethia BrandybuckTenethia

    You know you’re a Narnian when you fancy you see a large bug in your kitchen and you draw your sword, even if you don’t even really have one.

    1. PuddleglumPuddleglum

      you know your addicted when you can tell your siblings the story of Narnia with the voices included, and you sound just like the audio book! lol

  4. Aravis

    If you coerce your brother multiple times to dress up in a narnian costume you made, and then end up as the costume designer for a narnian play : D

  5. 1aslanfan1aslanfan

    65 and 98 are definitely my favorites. My brother has a LWW movie poster, and I haven’t seen it since he got it, because it’s on the inside of his bedroom door. The other day I went in to ask him something, and the first thing I said when I saw the poster was, “This is a lot bigger than I remembered!”

  6. Hiking Peter

    You may be addicted to Narnia if….You sit and watch LWW because it’s on television, even though you’re late to choir practice and you’ve seen the movie a bajillion times.


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