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Following the Voyage of the Dawn Treader

A summary of all the islands which the Dawn Treader visited.

The Giants of Narnia

a look at the character of giant rumblebuffin and giant wimbleweather (with excerpts from LWW and PC)

My First Question on the Last Battle

will God really accept the service and faith a person has offered to another god if it was done with a pure heart, as emeth did with tash?

Why Nikabrik Went Sour

“[nikabrik] had gone sour inside from long suffering and hating,” said caspian. but he really went sour because of the hatred in his heart and his lack of faith in Aslan, which could happen to the best of us.

Best of Badgers: The Faith of Trufflehunter

Trufflehunter is a model of unwavering faith in God (or in Aslan) regardless of how dark things may appear to be.