Chatroom Guidelines

1. Be respectful of others.

2. Listen to the staff.

3. We are a family-friendly site and as such we will not tolerate foul language, inappropriate behavior or discussion of topics that you wouldn’t bring up at a family gathering with children present.  Staff’s discretion is final on this rule.

4. In line with being a family-friendly site we have many minors that frequent the site.  As such we ask that you help them be comfortable and not ask anyone their age, location, real name or anything else of a personal nature.

5. The chat room is only for members over the age of 13.  We’re sorry, but it’s a general safety rule and staff can’t be in there 24/7.

4 thoughts on “Chatroom Guidelines

  1. stephaniepevensiestephaniepevensie

    Hi!!! So glad to be a part of TLC!!! (Such an awesome abbreviation BTW) Thanks Sonja for telling me about this!!!

    1. Tenethia BrandybuckTenethia Brandybuck

      Hi, Stephanie, welcome to the site! 🙂 Be sure to drop in the forum and introduce yourself to everyone!


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