Monthly Archives: June 2008

In Search of the King

Before he sent them home, Aslan gave Peter and Susan a very special charge. When he is abandoned by Susan, the trail appears to be cold, and all hope is gone, Peter recieves some help from Professor Kirke. Post-PC, prequel to electrum’s When We Were Kings


Peter Pevensie had always felt safe and secure in the arms of his parents. But on one fateful day, he discovered something…a secret unveiled that made him question all he knew. Who was he really? Where did he truly belong? Was his whole family a lie?

What Kind Are You?

Are you an Edmund, a Jill, a Eustace? Maybe a Trumpkin or a Trufflehunter? One of the dwarves who refused to be taken in? You could be one. You could be more than one, or a little bit of everything. Each of us has a different story.