Narnian Fashion Faux Pas

1950’s 1979 1988 2005
Peter Peter - 1950Peter, really! Everyone knows that you don’t wear a jacket with a sword and shield! Peter - 1979The only hero who should wear orange is Tony the Tiger. Sorry, Pete. A great face, and he actually looks like he could be twelve. No complaints, Peter. William may have hated this hairstyle, but we find it fabulous, especially when paired with a leather jerkin.
Susan We do not recommend wearing leopard when you’re about to meet a couple of them. Hippie hair and a jumper? We wince in your general direction. Charming girl, but we’d have preferred a brunette. And…explain what happened with the ribbon? susan_2005“Step away from the shoulder pads…”
Edmund This is a good look for Ed, and the shorts (not shown) really flatter his legs. Hair is a bit fluffy, but this is the only Edmund with the sense to wear trousers in a snowstorm. A high collar? So two decades ago… “That’s a girl’s coat.” Need we say more?
Lucy The pigtails are cute, but that dress was last seen on Charlie Brown’s sister Sally. Hooray for blonde Lucys! Turtlenecks in summer…not so much. The bob does nothing for you, darling. The face is cute as a button, but next time pass on the beret.
Jadis Long, black hair and a tall crown. Tres chic! Minimalist elegance…and a fur collar the size of Lantern Waste. The crown is a bit over the top, and the braids make her look like a refugee from Little House on the Prairie. jadis_2005Unexpected blonde dreds make this a look that’s all her own, but the icicle crown sends shivers down our spine, and probably hers, too, once it started melting.
Tumnus What a dear, handsome faun! No concerns about this stylish trendsetter. Um…sue the tanning salon, Tumnus. As for the hair, as someone once said to American mountaineer John Muir, “If I had a beard like yours, I would set fire to it.” Too much hair, too many layers of clothing, and mustaches for fauns went out before they were in. Shave the arms and the back, pin the ears to the sides of his head, and we might have a winner!

12 thoughts on “Narnian Fashion Faux Pas

    1. KristiKristi

      Thanks for mentioning that a couple were missing. We lost some things when the site crashed in August, but your reminder inspired me to locate them.

  1. aslansgirl04

    The 2nd Jadis’ face is FREEAAKKYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hobbit_of_narniahobbit_of_narnia

    I grew up with the first two, so for the first what, ten years of my life, Tumnus was perfectly normal with red skin and green hair.
    But really, the cartoon White Witch looks like Cruella De’Ville.


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